Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 412

Why so serious?

The talks took place over ten days ago.

It wasn’t easy coming down to solutions; in the beginning, going to war was on everyone’s mind. Would it be okay if I said that I was looking at a train that hadn’t even left the station yet? Both sides had considerable differences in their positions on any issue, which made my doubts strengthen if the talks would proceed properly.

However, after three to four days, the story went ahead gradually, and both sides were able to conclude with the acceptance of everyone and Praezia’s independence.

The other details were yet to be decided, but it was peaceful independence.

I felt so proud of Fredel.

There was nothing he couldn’t do when he put his mind to it.

“So, there is no war?”

Evelyn asked as she lowered her glass. I shook the nectar tea in my hand and nodded.



“Because we haven’t officially approved of their independence. We just orally went along for a peaceful solution; we’ll only know it once the talks are over.”

I shrugged while Evelyn nodded and smiled.

She smiled, and so did I, but somehow, my heart felt heavy.

There was one thing I learned from the opening of the Agregient-Praezia meeting; it was that Layla was the Princess of Praezia.

Before the war broke out, I knew Caitel had brought in two princesses from Praezia under the guise of a peace alliance, but I never dreamed that one of the princesses would be Layla. In the end, a Praezian princess had died because of me during my childhood; Caitel killed Layla’s older sister and the rest of the royal family of Praezia; they turned out to be Layla’s relatives.


Once I learned about that, I realized that Caitel had strictly prohibited them from accessing the temples. That was also the reason behind every subtle smile Layla made every time she saw me.

At the age of three, I met a concubine princess for the first time; I used to hang out with her.

My father hated that and said he had no regrets about what he did to her. I knew she was a princess from the south, but I never imagined such a tragedy happened.

No, I didn’t want to know about it.

Layla never tried to hide the truth. It was me all along, the one ignoring the self-evident truth. Right, I was the stupid one.

“What is it?”

Evelyn titled her head as she noticed that I was lost in thought. I just shook my head.


This wasn’t something Evelyn had to know. Well, no one should know about this.

Ugh, these relationships!

Maybe this was why people shouldn’t sin.

We would regret our actions one day!

In the future, how was I supposed to face Layla, and how would Emperor Havel respond to it!?

‘I’m fucked! Everything is fucked!’

‘My life is ruined! Completely ruined!’



Evelyn smiled as he looked at me before suddenly holding my hand.

“You should look dignified even while drinking tea! Don’t lose your posture! You are the princess!”

… r-right.

I wondered if she was going to say something profound. That wasn’t the case, tch, tch.

Yes, I was elegant and dignified. I knew.

Once or twice, even I got flustered with my elegance, and I was so embarrassed to say that. I was so used to doing these things unconsciously. Then, there was Evelyn, always trying to increase my confidence in how I hold myself.

However, my conviction at tasks always called for compliments.

Ha, right, how long would I let myself live inside praises?

It was the law that one should enjoy with what they had. Right, that was right.

“Uhm, by the way, princess, you are close to Count Graecito, right?”

“Uh? Huh, well, yes.”

This was a new question.

Did something hit Evelyn’s head? Why was she asking such questions?

As I tilted my head, Evelyn’s expression turned into worry. I slowly put down the teacup.


“No, nothing.”

What was this? I thought I just felt budding energy of some sort.

What could it be? Was I just thinking too extremely?

I dreaded this, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I thought back on the time when I felt this annoyed before.

No way, this was the kind of feeling I felt when I met that dirty couple.

Haha, this couldn’t be that, right?

… it won’t be. Eh, no way, it couldn’t be.

Although I was telling myself that it wasn’t, I stared at Evelyn and her gaze; that was when Libby came over. Huh?

“Princess, a visitor from the palace.”

Oh god, why did they came at such time!?

Evelyn made a sad expression as she heard the news.

I was having such a leisurely tea time! Work again? I couldn’t hold back my resentment while looking at Libby.

There were labor laws in the country, and there were working hours, so why was I made to work without a break! It was as if the royal family wasn’t included under the law.

Woah, I had limited time to live!

It was my dream to wake up late, play, and eat all day before returning to sleep—an impossible dream.

“Cheer up, princess.”

Evelyn said with her usual compassionate gaze.

If you’re sympathetic, pay up! No, I didn’t need money. Instead, do my job for me! Hah! How’s that?

Getting up from my seat, I held back the tears in my eyes.

Haa, this was my life, after all.