Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 410

Chapter 410: The Emperor’s Daughter 410

The morning Bureti was as noisy as ever.

Valtorta, who was in deep slumber, frowned and groaned at the weight that kept him down.

He felt something heavy, heavy enough to suffocate him, heavy enough for him to feel the pounding in his chest.



It was almost as if he could die from the pressure alone, but his damn younger brothers were trying to kill Valer every morning. They didn’t go for Sanse but him today! Valer, squinting his eyes, opened them to see the people who were trying to suffocate him.

It was the third child, Odeure.

And the youngest, Haka.

Well, Haka was a four-year-old, but Odeure was a ten-year-old kid, yet he still acted like a child!

Was he doing it on purpose?

“Brother, wake up!”

“Brother, are you up?”

The two of them looked at Valer, who just got up, with bright stars shining in their eyes.

Raising his hands to cover his eyes, Valer felt tired.

Ah, those rotten kids…

“Up, I am up!”

Poor Ferdel, how many sons had been given to him instead of the daughter he so wholeheartedly wanted? It wasn’t like there was anything short in the affection he had shown, but the constant playing, bickering, and the thought of his well-lived father having everything but one daughter in his life made Valer sigh.

“Get down. How long do you plan on staying on top of me?”

He had to get up now, but it didn’t seem like the two younger brothers had any intention of coming down from their brother’s back, which was why Valer had to ask seriously.

Smiling brightly, Odeure spoke.

“Not until brother Valer asks us to save him!”


That kid was worse than his other siblings.

Valer seriously lamented while trying to see through the situation. The way his younger brother acted made him worry about the future he would face.

Even Valer wasn’t that noisy or active when he was young.

Valer went silent as he pondered, thinking if he had to ask his younger brother if he wanted to live or die.

However, it felt improbable that his bad younger ones would choose anything.

So what was he supposed to do?

In deep agony, he managed to see someone visit him; Sanse, all dressed up, entered Valer’s room.

“Hey, younger brothers, stop bullying your brother and go help mum with the chores.”

Though he said that, they were actually wondering if the kids would move, but it felt good to see some reinforcements siding with him. When Sanse said that, Odeure’s noses flared as he looked at Haka, who was beside him.

“Let’s go, Haka.”

“Uh-huh, brother.”

Valer was shocked as he saw the two younger brothers disappear side by side.

‘Those kids were raised wrong!’

‘They didn’t even bother listening to me!’

Getting up immediately, he looked at the back of the siblings rushing over to help their mother and looked back at Sanse. He, too, was looking at Valer.

“How come they ignore me and listen to you?”

“Maybe it had something to do with character?”


Sanse laughed.

Valer was serious, but Sanse laughed at it. Ugh, even Sanse finds me funny.

“Stop grunting over it and get down. We need to eat.”

I sighed as I went to do my daily routine. The alcohol in the party held yesterday, was still making my head fuzzy. Yet, it had been quite a while since I spelt so good at home.