Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 41

"Now, answer my question, you said you'd be gone for a while."

Skipping the inevitable problem, Dranste shrugged at what Caitel had pointed out.

"I was gone."

"Only for two days?"

His snorting seemed absurd, but Dranste had nothing to say. It's true there's something he had to do, so he couldn't be around every day.

That's why he would deliver that to Ariadna today.

It was not a good idea to tell that to Caitel, so Dranste just shushed his mouth. When he thought more of it...

Oh, yeah. That's right.

Suddenly, Dranste laughed low.

When he smiled, Caitel's face crumpled to see if he had foreseen something ominous.

"Oh, what about that?"


"I'm interested in your daughter."

As expected, Caitel's face crumpled with no remorse. Seeing him defending right next to his side, Dranste showed a rare bright smile.

After the assassination attempt, that little baby, who could not leave the side of Caitel, was still asleep next to him. It's already been a year since that baby was born. It was a little fresh feeling.

'I've never been conscious of the passage of time.'

When he was looking at that baby, he could definitely feel that time was passing.

Although he was thinking about something else for a while, he felt the harsh eyes of Caitel, who looked at him rarely seriously. Dranste shrugged at his behavior.

"Well I want her, but I'm not asking you to give her to me right now. Not yet."

"Not yet?"

His mischievous voice replied.

Dranste gave an endless sweet smile. If he was a woman, he would have melted away.

"Yes, not yet."

"Then get lost."

However, the problem was that his charm did not work on his opponent because it was Caitel.

A maid walked in through an open door and she was surprised to see Dranste. Then she went inside and put a glass of water near Caitel. Then another maid brought a big basin. It was water for him to wash his face. The other woman brought in his clothes, but Caitel looked at them all without emotion and ordered.

"Get out."

"Yes, Your Majesty."

The maids left his clothes behind and left the room.

However, soon, Serira came through the door and looked at Dranste with a surprised expression. She also held the sleeping princess in her arms and left the room. It often happened because Caitel started his day earlier than others.

Watching the door close completely, Dranste turned to Caitel. He still looked drowsy. Also, he was not in the mood at all. He was always in a terrible mood in the morning, but when his daughter left the room, he felt that morning had come completely.

'You've been domesticated, tsk tsk.

"But you still won't let anyone touch your body except her."

The woman whom Dranste referred to was the warden of this Solay palace.

Even his chosen maids were forbidden to touch his body. The only person who could do so was the warden of this palace.

Even if he knew the story, Dranste still thought it was a little funny for the emperor to change his clothes himself. Caitel's eyes were sore.

"Are you here to pick a fight?"


Caitel frowned. Watching him frown, Dranste smiled brightly.

"I like it best when you're angry."

"Go die."


His low laugh reverberated.

Caitel's expression was even more distorted. He knew the more he hated it, the more Dranste liked it, but he always couldn't control his facial expression. Of course, Dranste was irritatingly aware of that fact. That's why he was doing it more this way.

"She's cute."

Caitel's keen eyes were on him.

Dranste smiled deliberately more sweetly.

"She reminds me of you when we first met."

Caitel snorted as if he was talking some kind of bullshit, but Dranste didn't care.

"I mean you when I first met you."

It's not a story to be brought up on purpose, but Caitel still hated that story. His face stiffened. His expression, which turned sour every minute, was so interesting that Dranste wanted to take a picture and keep it separate.

"She's small and delicate, to the point where I want to break it. Oh, of course, I don't mean to break her. I liked her."

Caitel's eyes were thinning. It was an act of trying to gauge whether his words were sincere or not. Before Caitel found out about it, Dranste hit the player first.

"To be honest, I wanted her, so how about this? Why don't you give me your daughter as for your debt?"

"I promised to give you this empire."

Caitel answered that grinning face. Dranste laughed.

"What can I do with an empire of humans? I'm not interested."

"I refuse."

Somehow his answer sounded exceptionally firm, so Dranste was a little curious.

"Why? You're gonna sell her anyway."

His low voice harassed Caitel.

"Or did you fall for your daughter now?"

"Better shut up or I'll cut your throat."

His threatening voice had lost its power. Caitel didn't know it and still denied it, but already everything about him seemed obvious to Dranste.

"Oh, you're in love!"

Caitel was caught in his childish provocation. The sword he summoned flew at Dranste's throat.

However, that sword was a gift from Dranste. It wouldn't have any effect on his body. Caitel, who failed again, frowned his face.

Dranste laughed so hard at his expression. Biting his lips, the sword flew again.

Dranste took the sword this time. A white, shining blade shined in his hand. At the sight, Caitel gave his hand more strength, but the eyes of Dranste, who was smiling, were sunk to a great depth.

"I'm warning you."

His voice was as subdued as his eyes speak.

"You'll regret it, really."

Why do you keep discussing regret? Caitel clenched his teeth and replied.

"I don't regret it."


"I won't

However, with his eyes squinted, Dranste laughed.

"It seems to me that you're already starting to regret"

Caitel clenched his teeth and growled small.

Ariadna's situation to tame this fellow was a little bit sad, but Dranste quickly moved on to another issue. He gave the blade he held in his hand and nods his head.

"Well, fine."

Caitel stepped back with a stiff look. His sword had already disappeared. Dranste whispered to him.

"I hope you haven't forgotten our promise."

Their eyes met. The scarlet eyes burning furiously with hatred. Dranste laughed.

"You have to pay me back someday."

Inbetween grinding its teeth profusely, Caitel's voice came out.

"...you demon."

Caitel's demon smiled brightly.