Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 405

Maybe he was going to take a peek at me, but like a night guest, Dranste, leaning against the edge of the window, comes to me without a sound.

Even if he were the spirit of a broken sword, there would be a body, but I was always amazed that Dranstega moved silently. Of course, Assisi and Kaitel move silently, but Dranste moves like something really doesn’t exist.

“What’s the matter?”


He came close, looked down at my face, and Dranste tilted his head.

“Your face looks like something’s going on.”

It’s very strange.

He’s someone I can’t even expect to be sensitive to.

I didn’t have the energy to deny it, so I stayed still. I just kept my mouth shut. My lower lip, which was bitten by biting my lips, was quite painful, but my mind was more complicated than that. Something is popping up inside. I pressed down the feeling without a sound.

If he had been trying to pester me, pry at me, or hasten to console me, I would have just laughed at him. Rather, Dranste stood still before me without a word.

I was consoled by the way he did nothing.


Unorganized thoughts come out through the throat. I shook my head.

“No, Assisi…….”

No, not this either. I don’t know where to start.

When I shake my head, Dranste smiles as if he can’t help it. Then, he drew me into his arms naturally. I put my forehead in a strange breast that was not even smelled, and I raised my hands and buried my face in the palm of my hand.

“Didn’t you think Dad and Assisi would have had a smooth life? Honestly, the two of them aren’t in a good condition to say that. They’re both very serious, and if you mess with something, they’re going to be broken and out of place, and I’m actually surprised that they’re still living quietly.”

The palms are falling.


Looking down at the empty palms of nothing, I managed to gather one by one my thoughts, which had been completely fragmented.



The sound of breathing sounds in the empty room. To hear oneself breathe this way was surprisingly helpful in keeping calm. I feel like crying, but I don’t want to cry.

“But I didn’t think it would have been so miserable or so insensitive.”

I have thought about it before, but I never thought it would be so serious, even assumed that they would not be so serious.

If you ask me why…….

Because it’s past. The past is just a past.

And people just talk about their past like a joke, and I thought so do they.

It was also because they look so calm and peaceful.

It may be that they are not deceived but pretended to be calm on the outside, but it was more so because I have been with them for a long time and haven’t been able to find any of the past expediency of the past. Of course they were somewhat seriously twisted compared to the average person, but they were like that ever since I knew them.

So I thought it was really nothing. It’s just that no one mentions it because they don’t have a chance to talk.

I should have noticed it from the last time Ferdel taught me that. I should have noticed first why he approached so carefully.