Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 403

Sanse is a knight too, but Assisi is still ahead of him. If Sanse looks good on being a knight, Assisi was born to become a knight.

If the war really happens, he won’t just stand back to protect me.

…that makes me a bit conflicted. I don’t want a war to break out. When I think that our days like this will be gone…I hate it.

I guess I’m still a child.

“Were you reading a book?”

“Yes, I had some time to myself for once, so I was reading.”

A small smile spreads around Assisi’s mouth.

I smiled looking at Assisi’s smile.

He really changed a lot.

When we first met, he was so frigid that I couldn’t even imagine him smiling. I know I’m not the one who made him like this, but it’s still nice to see him smile so much.

I should smile for him too. Smiling is something I’m pretty good at.

I held Assisi’s hand and shake it back and forth.

Assisi frowned a little bit awkwardly, but he didn’t seem to dislike it. I smiled again looking at him.

“What were you reading?”

“Huh? Oh, it’s a book about a woman.”

Assisi tilts his head.

I picked up a book with a neat cover and showed it to Assisi.

This is a book about Lady Cicellia. This wasn’t an officially published book, so it may not be reliable. she’s despised as the witch who doomed this country, so it’s hard to find out a lot about her. But Ferdel managed to find something for me.

I’ve been curious since she was mentioned during the lesson, so I’m reading about her…and the more I read, the more I think she was amazing.

There are always women who try to seduce men to learn their secrets, but most of them end up as tools for another person in power.

But Lady Cicellia had strict rules and followed her own standards.

There were a lot of nobles who follower her, but she didn’t follow anyone. That’s what draws me in. anyway, she’s interesting.

Now that I think about it, does Assisi know about her?

Perhaps he saw her in person.

She was only one generation before me and died just about 20 years ago.

“Assisi, do you know about Lady Cicellia?”

At my sudden question, Assisi hardens his face and nods.


“Oh, really?”

I thought he might know her, but it’s surprising to hear that he really does.

It felt like ancient history when I was studying. But like this, it seems recent. It’s kind of an unfamiliar feeling…

At my reply, Assisi glance at me and talks quietly.

“She was my mother.”



I lost good timing to react. I feel like I heard something weird.

Suddenly a weak wind blows my hair. I frowned a little.


Assisi answered me with dry eyes.

Eyes without any expression.

That perfectly dry eye makes me realize the situation.

“Didn’t you mean the Countess, Lady Cicellia Zavaikal?”

“Huh? Yes.”

His golden green eyes stare me.

I’ve always thought his golden-green eyes were beautiful. But now, he’s looking at me with emotionless eyes that hold nothing inside.

“She was Emperor Ivan’s mistress, and the unofficial queen of Agrigent.”

The hand that was holding falls apart.

“I am her son.”