Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 402 - The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 402

All the talkative guests who made the day were gone before night came. I saw Evelyn often, but it had been a while since I had had this time with Sanse and Valer. Even if everyone returned, I was still a little excited.

We used to hang out like siblings when we were little, but we couldn’t do that now when we’re all grown up.

Sanse and Valer got summoned, so they had to go back. They looked sad because they wanted to stay longer, but I wasn’t very disappointed since I could see them whenever possible.

I could hardly send Evelyn back to her home; it was hard because she wanted to stay with me forever.

I told Cito to escort her back. They looked good together, so I started seriously thinking about whether I should help him.

Well… Now that I know he had a crush on her, wasn’t it fair to help a little bit?

I didn’t know if Evelyn would fall for Graecito, but… I did hope things would go well. It’s just that I liked both Evelyn and Cito, so I couldn’t take either of their sides, so that was a bit of a problem.

If they got into an argument when they started dating, whose side would I take?

Since I liked both of them… should I let them take care of that on their own?

I giggled by myself since I thought it was a little too far ahead; suddenly, I could hear tiny noises behind me. I looked right back, covering up the book I was reading.

“Oh, you’re back?”

“Yes, Princes. I’ve returned.”

Assisi’s hair was slightly wet as if he just took a bath.

I smiled and reached out my hand. His wet hair got tangled in my fingers. Assisi bowed his head as if he was embarrassed.

I shook off some water from his hair and smiled brightly.

“Let’s go have dinner now.”

Since it’s a summer evening, the sky was as bright as day. Assisi stared at the sky. It was not even close to sunset yet. He turned his head to look at me. His eyes were asking if we’re having dinner without my dad.

“Daddy can’t come today because of the council meeting, so we have to eat here.”

“Oh, I heard from Ferdel that a war might break out.”

“Yes. It is an important matter.”

Assisi’s expression looked dark. Although he retired from the front line, he seemed to be worried about his country.

He was a loyal knight, for sure.