Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 401 - The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 401

“Bunny, so that’s the kind of woman you like?!”

“W-what are you talking about?”

Huh!? That’s what was going on?

I was so surprised that I almost spat my tea.

Wiping the corners of my mouth with a handkerchief that the maid handed to me, I looked back at the two.

“It’s alright. Just leave it to your big bro!”

“I am a year older than you!”

“I’m older than you right now.”

Graecito had been pretty weird lately…

Now that I thought about it, he acted incredibly weird whenever Evelyn was around.

It’s a shock that Graecito liked Evelyn…

It’s surprising, but it was hard to find a lady like Evelyn.

She’s pretty, smart, and well-spoken.

‘Our bunny has a good eye for women, I see.’

“Call me ‘big bro,’ then I’ll help you get with her.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me!”

“You don’t trust me? I’m the genius of Viterbo, you know?!”

What kind of genius?

I blatantly ignored Valer. I guessed Sanse thought the same thing. Sanse just sneered at him.

“You are a genius at making trouble.”

“Hey, Sanse!”

It had been a long time since the twins had a fight, and when I looked at them with excitement, Valer just growled and stepped back.

Well… Sanse was unbeatable at this point. Even if Valer jumped at him with a sword, Sanse would win. Considering his reputation among other people, Sanse would emerge victorious in that regard too.

Poor little Valer. That was why he should always be nice. Tsk.

“Are you really going to help me?”

Meanwhile, Graecito asked with a serious face as if he seemed to believe what Valer had just said.

Was he falling for that? Did he believe him? I was dumbfounded, but Valer answered without hesitation. I had no idea where he got that confidence from.

“Isn’t that obvious? Didn’t you see all the women chasing after me? I’m quite popular, you know.”

This and that were different matters.

Sanse was also looking at his brother, perhaps thinking the same as me.

Valer was the one person he shouldn’t trust in this world.

However, I guessed it sounded quite attractive to the desperate Cito.

“I’ll teach you all of my knowledge.”

“… Really?”

“Of course!”

“Okay, big bro!”

“That’s right, kid!”

… They were both insane.

What were they doing now?

I couldn’t believe what I was watching. It was one thing for the younger one to ask to be called big bro, but what if the older one actually said it… They were both fools.

I just froze upon hearing this ridiculous conversation, but Sanse, standing in distance with quite a serious face, suddenly interrupted out of nowhere.

“Oh, does that mean I’m a big brother too?”

‘Hey, don’t get caught up in this.’