Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 400 - The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 400

“This is the tea that you touched, Princes…”

“Just drink it.”

Evelyn wiped the tears around her eyes as she looked tearfully at the tea I gave her. Watching her wiping her tears was just too much for me.

Why! Oh, why! Why did people like this surround me?

I mean, of course, no one was perfect. But even I could get tired if they kept praising me like this every day.

Evelyn was a good person… but this was her biggest issue.


Valer whistled from behind as if he found something interesting.

What’s wrong with him?

I glanced at Valer but decided to focus on the snack in front of me. The Doria with full of cheese looked so good.

Our royal chef was the empire’s treasure. This was bliss.

The clean taste of rice and cheese as it melted on my tongue was just pure art. I was so touched by the delicious snack that I couldn’t speak. Suddenly, Evelyn held my hands tightly.

“Even the way you eat is divine, Princess!”

“… I get it. That’s enough.”

I had listened to so many compliments that I could memorize them. It’s still embarrassing whenever I heard them.

Why was I the one feeling shame?

I even worried about Evelyn’s future, who now drank a cup of tea so carefully because I gave it to her. Would she be alright like this?

I didn’t think we were like this when we first met.

Evelyn was thrilled when I handed over the powdered feve chocolate beverage that she could drink while eating the snacks.

Yeah, well, our chocolatier was quite marvelous.

“Your garden is always so beautiful. However, it’s nothing compared to your beauty, Princess. It’s like there’s some kind of life beyond beauty that breathes here. It’s so fitting to be your garden!”

“There’s a field of prina flowers near the center. Did you see it?”

“Oh, is there?”

Evelyn opened her eyes wide as if she didn’t know.

Evelyn looked haughty because of her sharp eyes, but it made her look cuter when she opened her eyes wide.

I smiled and asked Libby, who was standing beside me.

“Yes. Libby, show her the way.”

“Yes, princess.”

“I’ll be right back, princess!”

When I sent Evelyn there, he pavilion shushed.

It’s depressing to be with three boring guys, though.

As I kicked my tongue and took a sweet persimmon tea, Valer suddenly came down from the railing and rushed to Cito. Valer, who wrapped Cito’s neck around his arms, smiled playfully.