Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 399 - The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 399

“Anyway, I’m against this war.”

“I don’t want it either.”

A war couldn’t be avoided just because we didn’t like it, so I just awkwardly smiled.

I hoped we could get a good result from this negotiation.

Well, Ferdel would do fine even without me worrying, but I couldn’t help but worry since human affairs were always unpredictable. As Ferdel said, Agrigent was finally starting to run finely, and if war broke down, this stability would fall into ruins in an instant, and we couldn’t make up for that blow.

The delegation would arrive in about two days.

I didn’t know who would come as a delegate, but my dad ordered me to stay inside the palace. I probably wouldn’t see or greet them… but I was not someone who would quietly obey his orders.

“Cito? What’s wrong? You look like your mind is elsewhere. Did something happen?”

“Oh, no… it’s nothing.”

Cito shook his head at my question and bit an apple like Valer. He’s pretending to be okay, but my eyes on Graecito had already changed.

Was he worried about something lately?

No matter how much I looked at him, I didn’t think he’s shocked about the war.

What could it be?

As I tilted my head, Valer giggled unpleasantly in the distance. It seemed like he knew something. I would have to make him spill.

“Princess Ria!”

I tried to strangle his neck and threaten him to tell me what was going on, but unfortunately, it didn’t work because of the soft voice coming from afar.

… She was back.

Evelyn, who had been away for a while to see the holy garden that I had been taking care of, smiled brightly and came closer.

“Look at this, Princess Ria. Isn’t it so pretty? I brought this back since I thought it would look beautiful on you!”

“Yes, thank you. You should sit down now, Evelyn.”

“Sure, Princess Ria!”

Once I said that, Evelyn sat beside me. It bothered me a bit that she was sitting too close, but it’s nothing new. I just moved on.

Anyway, she really listened to what I said.

There were plenty of people in society, but Evelyn was one of the few people I liked to be with. It’s hard to find a girl like Evelyn. She’s pretty, friendly, and a good listener. However, Evelyn has one flaw…

She looked up to me too much.