Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 398

“I barely managed to stop him from drawing out his sword and ripping that Legione to pieces.”

I could guess as much. I felt like I witnessed it with my own eyes, even though I wasn’t there.

Was this the power of my father?

Or the power of my love for my fathe…r…no, never mind. That couldn’t be any farther from the truth.

“So… will there really be a war?”

“No, war isn’t something that just happens like that.”

Thanks for saying that, but it was hard to feel relieved since Agrigent’s history had been filled with wars. If my father went to war, Ferdel wouldn’t be able to stop him.

“Have you noticed that the palace has been busy lately?”

“Yes, I heard that some guests would be arriving.”

“Right. A delegation from Pretzia will be arriving soon.”

I didn’t think much of it since the palace always welcomed visitors… but it looked like these visitors were special—no wonder why both imperial officers and servants of the courts were uproarious.

I thought it was odd how busy the palace had gotten.

“This upcoming negotiation will be the key.”

And of course, Ferdel would be in charge of preparing for the negotiation…

I felt kind of bad now since he was always working so hard for this country. In that sense, I agreed that my father was a great Emperor who used his people wisely.

“Is there anything I can do to help?”

“Just do as you always do…”

‘As I always do?’

As I tilted my head, Ferdel asked earnestly.

“… I’ll be trusting you with His Majesty.”

I had no choice but to shut my mouth quietly.



“I don’t like war either.”

While sitting on the railing, Valer bit an apple and touched Sanse. Leaning against the handrail of the pavilion, Sanse didn’t look so good either.

Crunch. After taking another bite, Valer pouted.

“But, I’ll gladly fight to protect this land.”

“Oh, right. I forgot that you two are knights.”

“… can you try not to forget that?”

Valer responded as if he had been hurt, but I just smiled.

‘You’re more like a delinquent than a knight.’

That, and it just felt weird… Of course, Assisi would head to battle. However, they’re still like my little brothers, so it’s strange to imagine them fighting in a war.

Now that I had come to think of it, if we waged war, that meant all of them, including Graecito, would go. They were in different groups, but they’re all knights.

It was refreshing for sure.