Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 397

“How about now?”


“Yes. Nothing is troubling you now, right?”

Of course, I asked, expecting nothing to be amiss, but Ferdel frowned upon hearing my words.

“Ah, hmm…”

Huh? I wasn’t expecting anything, but it looked like something was up.

Ferdel bit his lips in my anxious gaze.

“Well… it seems that a war might break out soon.”

“What? War?”


“But why?”

War wasn’t a children’s game. Should it be talked about so easily?

I was wondering for a second, but Ferdel just frowned as if he’s facing some troubles. I was a little worried because I only saw him frown when my father got crazy with his sword in his hand.

Was the problem that severe?

“Did you hear that Pretzia has been unified?”

“Yes. When the Holy Remnant acknowledged them, the new emperor officially rose to power and conquered all of Pretzia in three years.”

“Yes, you know very well.”

I did not know anything when I was just a child, but now that I was all grown up, I heard many things, so naturally, I learned a lot too. It’s hard to believe that the Emperor was that same little boy I met when I was seven.

Well, we were both children back then…

Now that I thought about it, I never saw Havel in person again after that.


Ferdel opened his mouth quietly.

“I was aiding the anti-imperial group. Pretzia will have to go sooner or later, but I think this isn’t the right time. Honestly, it happened too quickly, considering they were a giant empire that once ruled over the Southern lands. But I don’t want this kind of rushed unification. ”

“And yet the emperor accomplished it?”

Instead of answering, Ferdel nodded.

“Yes, and the timing is too sudden…”

“But it’s not just that, is it?”

He wouldn’t look so troubled if that were it. He always smiles, no matter how crazy Caitel would go.

When I smiled, Ferdel breathed a small sigh as if he couldn’t handle it. With a troubled look, I wondered why he’s acting like that.

“Well… Pretzia has officially requested to be independent of Agrigent.”


“It’s a declaration that they will risk war if need be.”

Oh, hmm… How should I say this?

“Dad… Must’ve been very angry, right?”

“Just being angry would’ve been better, actually.”

Although he didn’t say it directly, Ferdel frowned in anger; he had to handle the emperor’s fury alone.