Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 396

Chapter 396: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 396

“How did my dad become the emperor?”

All I know is that he killed Emperor Ivan and took the throne, but I was curious because that was all I knew.

Ferdel scratches his cheek at my question. He seemed to be agonizing.

“Well, during Emperor Ivan’s reign, people didn’t revolt against him because…Emperor Ivan held the power to an excellent military. ”


“Yes, back then, my father was a cavalry general. In other words, the Emperor held physical power, so nobody could dare plot a rebellion.”

I tilted my head.

“Then…how did my dad start a rebellion?”

“He charmed me.”


I feel like I’ve heard something weird. What am I hearing right now?

Ferdel smiles as if he felt something unusual in my eyes.

Mom, there’s a pervert here!

“I was going to reject him at first. But with things as they were, the Empire was obviously going to fall apart. And I thought it would be better to have someone I know to be the emperor, so I agreed.”

That’s not something to be proud of.

It is fortunate that they succeeded. But if they had failed, not only Ferdel but also the entire house of Vitervo would have both been annihilated. Of course, considering Ferdel’s personality, he would never bet on a losing game…

Ferdel smiles as if my eyes staring him are stinging.

“And thanks to that, Agrigent is a lot better now. Isn’t it?”

Well, that’s true.

As I nodded in agreement, Ferdel smiled as if he knew I would.

“All due to my hard work and dedication.”

It was a history that I should have learned at any time, but after knowing the details makes me really think about how excellent Ferdel is as a chancellor. Rebuilding a country that’s about to fall apart isn’t easy enough to be shrugged off as simply hard work.

It’s probably ten times easier to wipe the country out and establishing a new country, but Ferdel smiled as if nothing had happened.

…I think Ferdel really loves this country.

“Thank you.”

Ferdel just nods at my greeting. Somehow he looked shy, so I was a little surprised.

That’s interesting. I thought Ferdel was always confident.

He usually is a bit more serious when he’s teaching than he normally is, but still, I’ve never seen him like this before.

“I just thought that I wanted my children to see an empire that was different from the one I grew up with. In that sense, I can say that I’ve accomplished my initial goal.”

“You are right.”

It’s true that the twins and I grew up without having to worry as he did.