Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 394

Chapter 394: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 394

Ferdel was a better teacher than I thought.

He said he had never taught anyone before, but Ferdel’s classes were all excellent. I felt bad that I was his pupil, actually. Politics, Academia, History, Religion, Mannerisms, and even how to rule, they’re all excellent.

Yet, even Ferdel avoided teaching me one subject. That was the generation before Caitel.

Agrigent rose to power through Emperor Vayebizel and the reign of Emperor Ivan in less than half a century; I had been tongue-tied at numerous historical events on this land.

Our house was a real mess—a family with a long history of craziness.

“What I’ve taught you is history from my point of view. It’s modern history, so there’s more to be uncovered. Future generations might judge this period differently. For now, this is what most think of modern history.”

Ferdel took a relatively cautious approach, but I didn’t have much objection to the history, he explained even if he wasn’t careful.

It was very reasonable for him to do so.

Emperor Vibizel, my great-great-grandfather, was crowned when he was 15. He conquered many lands in the central continent through wars until the day of his death. Thanks to that, Agrigent grew into an Empire. However, that turned out to be a poison as internal stability collapsed.

The old Emperor died, and the crown prince soon followed.

The second prince took power while the country fell into chaos.

Those three princes were so close that no one could have imagined that the second prince would poison the crown prince.

However, when the second prince, Vaviyal, became the Emperor, the empire fell into misery. He continued to commit countless crimes.

The Emperor executed hundreds of people a day, and the palace was always full of screams. This emperor replaced all the central officers and killed anyone who questioned or went against him. The numerous misdeeds the tyrant Vaviyal committed were overwhelming, but what shocked me most was that he raped his older brother’s wife and forced his younger brother’s fiance in his bed.

“After that, those two ladies who became tyrant Vaviyal’s toys were also killed by his hand just like other women.”


I had seen many of these crazy emperors in history, but thinking about how this happened a few generations ago felt different.

To be honest, it was disgusting.

How could one do such a thing as a human?

The fact that we are sharing the same blood made me so uncomfortable.