Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 393

Chapter 393: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 393

Whether she could see this situation or not, Evelyn calmly stared at me with relaxed eyes.

“Oh… Princess, you’re as beautiful as ever today. How can I describe your beauty with mere words? I don’t want to describe you as angelic because it’s said too often nowadays. Oh, do forgive me. I don’t have the vocabulary to praise you properly, Princess!”

“… I don’t think you need to praise me that much.”

“But it’s alright, Princess. Even the sight of you sighing is just too beautiful to behold!”

“You’re scary, you know.”

Listen! It was apparent she wasn’t listening to me even when I called her. Still, today, Evelyn ignored my words and focused on staring at me.

‘Somebody help me!’

“There she goes again today. I wonder when she’ll get tired of it.”

“I wonder.”

Sanse and Valer watched us as if something interesting had happened. In comparison to them, Graecito seemed somewhat nervous.

What’s wrong with him?

Anyway, that’s not the problem now. I wanted to escape and avoid Evelyn’s uncomfortable gaze somehow.

“Happy birthday. Here, this is my gift for you.”

Although I was planning to give him this after the party, Graecito, who was absent-minded, suddenly flinched by the gift’s sudden baptism. I tilted my head.

Huh? What was it?

Evelyn was in a hurry to be polite, checking if she felt something once I gave him a present. Yeah, it looked like she still remembered what this party was about.

“Happy birthday, Lord Graecito”

“Oh… yes. Thank you, Lady Evelyn.”

Hmm…it’s not like this was his first time meeting her, but Graecito’s reaction was odd today. That’s suspicious.

I was looking at Cito for no reason because I felt suspicious; as soon as she finished saying hello to Graecito, Evelyn snatched my arm.

“Now, princess. Let’s go. You must reveal your beauty to the world!”

“No, I don’t think that’s necessary…”

“That’s not true. It will be an insult to your beauty if we hide it in the shadows like this! You must hear more praise from other people as well!”

What was she talking about? That sounded ridiculous!

I looked around Sanse in a hurry. Sanse stealthily avoided my gaze; Valer did the same!

I never said it was alright to turn away from me!

My desperate eyes touched the three, but I soon realized that there would be no prince who would save me.

Sob sob. I thought it would happen.

Well, life wasn’t fair!