Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 392

Chapter 392: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 392

The price he had to pay for going against me was high. I kicked Valer before he could even defend against it; he groaned while grabbing his knees.

“Hey, you violent princess! You’ll never get married if you do this, you know?!”

“That’s fine.”

Whatever. I just smiled gracefully.

“Other men don’t know I’m like this.”

No matter how much they told other guys how nasty I truly was, they wouldn’t believe him.

Valer opened his mouth with a dumb expression.

I gave him a cheeky grin.

Valer beat his chest as if we had accused him falsely. Either way, I just nodded as if I was ready for him to pick a fight.

Whatever he said wouldn’t affect the elegant, graceful princess image that I was always working to maintain.

It was all thanks to my teacher.

Ferdel’s lessons were all beneficial to me. Among them, his life strategy was undeniably one of the best.

Watching the fiery war of nerves between the two of us, Sanse just said one thing.

“Wow… women are scary.”

“I cannot agree more.”

I was wondering why Cito was nodding and expressing his sincere sympathy.

Gosh, what did I do?

As I shrugged, the two men smiled awkwardly and turned their heads. Those guys! Why were they looking away!?

That was when it happened.

Suddenly, a glass door opened, and a woman broke into the room.


I stepped back in shock.

I saw beautiful, shiny red hair scattered like waves, and the sparkling forest colored dark-green eyes chased after me, which made me feel pressured.

Evelyn S. Sesculo.

She’s the only daughter of Count Sesculo. She’s also known to be a prideful woman. I was also a bit scared of her before we became friends…

When we got close, I had grown scared of her for a different reason.

Evelyn grabbed my arm as soon as she found me.

“You’ve finally arrived, princess! I thought my eyes would pop out; I was looking so hard for you!”

“Ha, haha… right… I’m sorry, I came so late.”

I had been hiding here since I didn’t want her to find me…

Looking at how Evelyn caught my hand, Sanse gave me a pitying look.

I didn’t need his pity at this time. He should just help me!

Valer giggled as if his revenge had already succeeded.

Oh, this bastard…! Was this funny to him? Huh?!