Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 391

Chapter 391: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 391

“You’re nineteen now, so that means you’ll become a man soon.”

“That’s enough.”

“Why? Come on; I can introduce you to a nice lady.”

“I don’t need that.”

That’s nonsense.

While I was peeking in the hall for a moment, strange conversations came and went from behind.

I frowned and looked back at Valer and Cito; Valer was acting up again.

‘Does he have no shame?’

Soon, Cito hit him and became calm.

Graecito made Valer quiet and turned around to me.

“Ria, so you came.”

“It’s your birthday. Of course, I’d be here.”

He only said he didn’t know I would come as a show of his modesty, but it still made me feel upset.

I’d come no matter how busy I was.

Cito was smiling at my pouty response. Cito used to be fluffy like a rabbit when he was young… but now that he had grown up, he became more like a deer. His eyes seemed so benevolent that it’s hard to believe he’s a knight.

I felt sort of proud since he grew up so well. He’s quite popular too.

“Tsk, you used to fight with the twins all day when you were little.”

“Don’t be so rude to your big brother.”

“Big brother? Who’s my big brother?”

Graecito nodded at my answer.

I just laughed. Even though I won’t acknowledge it, Graecito still insisted that he’s my older brother. He felt like that sometimes, but it would mean I was surrendering if I admitted it, so I was against it.

Cito gently looked down at me.

Huh? Did he see something on my face?

By the time I tilted my head and wondered what his gaze meant, he smiled.

“You look beautiful today.”

“I’m always pretty.”

The atmosphere froze as if cold water dropped towards us after my response. Graecito, who was smiling, and even Sanse and Valer, who were just watching us, all stared at me with their mouths shut.

What, why?



Did I say something wrong?

It was true, wasn’t it? Wasn’t that obvious?

What else would I say? I had nothing to be ashamed of; I just said something obvious.

I shrugged, beckoning anyone to argue about it; suddenly, Valer threw a word through the heavy silence.

“…it’s true, but… it’s kind of annoying to hear you say it. It makes me want to deny it.”

“Be quiet! Do you want to die?”