Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 390

Chapter 390: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 390

I was not sure why, but Graecito and the twins had become good friends as they grew up.

Perhaps they put all the times they fought when they were little in the past. It’s a welcome change for me since I was the one stuck in the middle. They argued like dogs until they turned seven. After that, they grew closer as we spent more time together.

I didn’t think those closed-off twins would open up and accept Graecito like he was one of their brothers. Maybe that’s why I was surprised.

I wondered how they got so close.

“Graecito, happy birthday!”

As Valer reached out, Graecito hit his hand and made a ‘friendly greeting between guys.’

Oh, they were happy.

They were still a year apart in age… but they looked like close friends.

Was that why Valer had been so rebellious against me lately?

When we came to the party, Sanse was already in his uniform.

I poked Sanse and stared into the hall for no reason. The hall was filled with people who didn’t know what was happening, each dressed in fancy clothes.

I mean… It had been a long time since Agrigent’s only princess hosted a party, so of course, it should be loud and crowded.

I was depressed about what would be happening soon; Sanse glanced at the hall and talked to me.

“There are a lot of nobles here.”

“Yes. I can see that.”

When I sighed, Sanse smiled and reached out his hand. He seemed to tell me not to worry by rubbing the wrinkles on my forehead.

‘But Sanse, how can I not sigh?’

I was already tired just thinking of talking to all those people. I hadn’t been to a party so long…

When I was a kid, I could use my age as an excuse, but it’s not an acceptable excuse anymore. It’s not easy to lead a conversation while switching between topics like politics, art, music, fashion, grooming, economics, religion, and history. This was all because my dad wouldn’t let me leave the palace.

“Don’t sigh like that, and stop frowning.”


If my dad allowed me to leave the palace, I would not have to deal with this kind of concern anymore—sob sob.

This was all because my dad hated the idea of me leaving the palace. The nobles who were close with me all had to hold their parties in the palace because of Caitel. I had nowhere else to go to avoid dealing with all those noble guests.

Oh, my pitiful fate…