Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 39

“It’s shiny.”

It was jewelry that was in the box Caitel unwrapped without my permission. Lightly shinning sky blue jewel.

Was that a jade? It’s definitely a jewel…but it’s so mesmerizing. It was my first time seeing jewelry.

What was that?

At that moment, Silvia bravely took the necklace from Caitel’s hand. Then she hung it right around my neck. Wow.

“This is a rare jewel found only in Aquileya.”

Silvia smiled at me, holding my little hand and taking the jewel.

I though she’s prettier than this jewel.

However, I like the smooth texture of this jewel. It was the size of my thumb.

“It’s called Larimar. It’s said to bring peace, love, and rejuvenation. I especially asked for it while wishing you only the best of luck, princess.”


It’s so pretty! Even the meaning was so pretty! It was just like Silvia.

How could she be so kind and pretty? Ha, she’s a real angel, an angel. At that moment, Silvia smiled brightly. It was a bright smile that purified my heart.

Oh, that halo behind you…

“I’m glad you like it.”


“Oh, my. She’s such a bright child.”

I loved Silvia! Sil, why didn’t she become my mom instead? Wait, be the Empress. My daddy might be a jerk, but he could be alright if she took a good…

Wait. He didn’t have anything like that. sorry.

I was selling medicine. Sorry. I couldn’t do this. I couldn’t do this for you. Sorry.

“See, my wife is so talented.”


Ferdel, who tried to boast us how great Silvia was, was completely ignored by Caitel.

Tsk, tsk.

Even Silvia ignored him, so Ferdel stiffened his face.

“I’m sorry. I’ll shut up.”

Yeah, well thought.

He gave me a little box sadly. I saw the box Ferdel handed me with curiosity.

“Now, princess this is my gift for you..”

However, even before I got it, the gift disappeared.

Huh? Huh? What is it? What’s going on?

“Hey, what are you doing?”

“There’s no need for a gift from you.”

Daddy, I needed it.

When Ferdel beckoned, a servant came to us with a tossed gift. Ferdel swept up his hair in indignation.

“Hey! If you keep that up, I’ll really be upset!”

Yeah, Dad, no matter what, you couldn’t just throw away gifts. It’s not like it’s my birthday gift, oh wait… it is!

“Then get lost.”

In the fury of Ferdel, Caitel left one word and turned away. His apparent disregard angered Ferdel again. Oh, that poor bastard.

“Wow! Look at him!”

He started complaining to Silvia who’s next to him.

“Silvia, look. He’s harassing me.”

“That’s because you did something to deserve it.”

However, Silvia was cold. Wow, she said that with a sweet smile. I was so surprised I swallowed my breath, and Ferdel opened his eyes wide.

“Oh, Silvia, how can you be so cold to me!”

Then he suddenly plunked down.

“I shouldn’t trust anyone! This world is rotten.”

I felt bad on this naive guy.

Hey, did he realized that just now?

Since this was a birthday party for a baby, it ended sooner than usual. Well, at least for me and Caitel. Though, some people stayed behind to enjoy the rest of the night.

Normal parties usually ended the next morning. Wow, how young they all are.

“Now princess, it’s time for you to bathe and go to sleep.”

It was time for me to wash and sleep.

Serira called me, who’s in the arms of Caitel. Without thinking, I opened my arms to move to Serira, but Caitel did not hand me over to Serira.

Huh? What was he doing, Dad? No matter how much he liked me, he shouldn’t do that. I should wash too!

“I’ll wash her today.”


Huh? What did I just hear him say?

Serira made a stupid-looking face. I have the same stupid face similar to hers. He just…

“Do I have to repeat myself?”

The voice of Caitel got slightly scarier. Serira felt frightened and stepped back. With her head down, she left the room as soon as she could.

“I beg your pardon. I shall get the bath ready.”

I had to get into trouble once because of the Caitel looking down at me with a satisfied look.

Dad shouldn’t do this. We’re not close enough to do this! We’re not friendly enough to wash each other like this! Did he have a death wish? How dare he try to wash me! Maybe he’s trying to wash away my life instead of my body?!

Wow, what a bolt out of the blue!

I was so happy because I died today. My dad finally wanted to kill me!

I couldn’t even make a fuss over my dad, so I had to shiver and went in into my own bathtub. No matter how generous Caitel was to me, he wouldn’t be generous to his daughter who refused him. I was right. Sob.

A small tub that could fit my body was filled with water that wasn’t too hot, not too cold.

Oh, it’s warm.

“So I’ll use this to wash her?”

“Yes, your Majesty.”

What. Was he surprised to see me wash for the first time?

Even if I was in a toddler’s body, how could I do this with a man? I mean, he was my dad, but still…

This was too embarrassing!

“No! Your Majesty!!”


Ouch! I thought he was trying to kill me!

Serira bit her lips as if she were crying because of my reddned arm. I was glad I was not an ordinary baby, but if I were a real normal baby, I would cry and go crazy. Why was he rubbing me so hard?!

‘Oh, my arm hurts. It hurts.’

“Your Majesty, you mustn’t rub that hard. Please try it on my arm first…”

Caitel looked at her as if he was oblivious of what the problem was, but when he saw my red arm, he realized his mistake. He followed Serira without saying a word.

“Like this?”

“Little bit more gentle.”

Even though he did it weaker, he’s still strong. Serira seemed uncomfortable.

By the way, my arm! What would he do to my arm?

“This much?”

“Little weaker.”

Caitel’s frustration strated growing.

“Will this actually wash her?”

Yes, it will, you bastard!