Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 388

Chapter 388: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 388

People used to praise him as the next genius to follow after Assisi. Who knew his little brother would take that title the following year. Well, I didn’t expect Sanse to be so talented with a sword either.

The maids who finished dressing me up had cleaned and left the room.

I sat on the couch and drank the juice the maid brought.

Ah, the juice was the best. I didn’t enjoy the cocktail or wine because of the taste. Ugh, I was not a fan of alcohol.

“Is this the first time I’ve seen you since you visited the Northern Empire? How is His Highness?”

“What? He’s the same as always.”

When I asked him, he replied as if he was annoyed. Hey, I was just trying to make small talk here. He should stop acting like I was a bother.

I hadn’t seen Ahin again after that time. The biggest reason was that he eventually became the Holy Emperor Suhina’s stepson; he couldn’t go anywhere carelessly. Of course, the north always sent an invitation with their new year’s letter every year…

No matter how many times I asked, my dad wouldn’t allow me to visit.

I wanted to go there too. The Northern Empire, I wanted to go!

Above all, I was so fed up with this palace that I wanted to get out of this boring palace sometimes. Valer frowned since he did not understand how I felt.

“It’s too quiet there.”

Gee. He didn’t know how blessed he was.

I didn’t mean to ask him to do something, but I couldn’t help but get annoyed since he’s acting like that.

“Are you going to keep teasing me when you know I can’t go?”

“Why? Just go.”

Little brat!

“Don’t you know my father?”


Must I really spell it all out for him?

Valer’s mouth shut right after hearing my response.

I felt an unknown sadness. Quietly Valer approached me and placed his hand on my shoulder.

“I pity you, my sister.”

“Hey, stop with those condescending words.”

I slapped his hand away, but I inevitably felt lost thereafter.

I wanted to leave this place, go abroad, and never look back!

“If you keep this up… I’ll show the young ladies every letter you wrote to me when you were young about how much you liked me.”

“Sister! My older sister! Dear Ariadna! Forgive me, please! I’ll do anything!”

He never learned, didn’t he? He should stop getting so cocky.

“Kneel and think about your actions.”

“Yes, of course.”

It’s better when he’s obedient.