Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 387

Chapter 387: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 387

“I’m sorry! Help me! Ria! Sister!”

I snorted, gently looking down at him.

Anyway… he really was Ferdel’s child since he’s so sly and cunning. I thought he was just a rascal when he was young… Now, he’s more like a villain.

I just felt sorry for the ladies—sob, sob. I feel bad for the ladies of Agrigent who secretly admired him. They must be blind. What’s so good about him, anyway?

I would recommend admiring Sanse instead, but Valer was more popular. I always wondered why?

Now that I had come to think of it, I hadn’t seen Sanse.

“Where’s Sanse?”

“I don’t know. Who cares?”

… Now I suddenly felt terrible for Sanse. Gee, he was his big brother; he should start acting like it.

Looking at the Valer, who’s struggling to hold Pibbit Junior, I kicked my tongue.

They still cared for each other like they used to, but they grew up to be the total opposites. Unlike Sanse, who grew up to be a serious and reliable person, Valer, who had been a terrible villain since childhood, had become a playful and flirty womanizer. I couldn’t even imagine how many women he’s been dating anymore.

It almost seemed like Sanse was the older one here.

“You should look after your little brother more.”

As I tried to give him a piece of advice, Valer replied as if he heard something downright odd.

“We’re twins. What’s there for me to look out for? He’ll do fine by himself.”

“Yet, you call yourself the big brother?”


I wondered where he got that shameless personality from.

Oh, but of course, I knew where it came from. It had to be Ferdel, obviously.

Like father, like son, I supposed. Valer was just like Ferdel.

Now that I thought about it, Sanse looked just like Silvia.

Even if they looked just like a mix of their parents, their personalities differed totally.

I had known them since they were babies, so I didn’t really see them as men. However, they were probably the most eligible bachelors in high society now. Well, they had a good family background, and they’re athletic. On top of that, they had admirable jobs and good looks. Really, they had got it all.

“The rising star of the military, and the prospective leader of the Winter Moon Knights, Valtorta! …that was supposed to be you, I thought.”

“Sanse already took the title of the rising star.”

“Well, that’s true.”

As I answered him lightly and smiled, Valer frowned. I smiled brighter as he looked at me, annoyed.