Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 386

Chapter 386: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 386

“What style are you doing for today?”

“A lovely Princess?”

Valer frowned as if he ate something foul.


“How dare you say that to your sister!”

I picked up the comb next to me and threw it at him; unfortunately, Valer avoided it quickly.

Oh, how annoying he was.

It’s a shame I didn’t get him, but if the rising star of the marshals’ board couldn’t avoid this, the country was already doomed.

My hair was all done before I realized it. When I looked at myself again in the mirror, the tiara on my head caught my attention. The decorations on my head were all on the back of my head, so I couldn’t see them well from the front. A small tiara decorated with platinum and diamonds stood out more.

Hmm, that was moderately splendid and elegant.

I nodded, satisfied. The maids walked away with a bright smile.

When I stepped back from the mirror, I noticed Valer moving beside me.

“Ahem, you missed!”

“Just go out and die.”

Valer frowned at my cold answer.

“Wow, are you really a lady? You talk like a street thug.”

“You want to die now?”

Who was he calling a thug?

I was looking for another comb to throw, and Valer pretended to cry in an exaggerated tone.

“Sob sob, oh the poor men of Agrigent. Everyone thinks the princess is a holy, beautiful, and kind angel. How shocked would they be if they found out the true face of the angel?”

Look here!

I agree that the men of Agrigent were pitiful, but that’s not because of my personality. There was nothing wrong with me!

When I glared at him, Valer’s lips stuck out.

He used to be cute when he was little, but now as a grown-up man, he was just a huge annoyance. Phew!

“It’s true! You are pretty, Ria, but isn’t it a lie to say that you’re kind and lovely?”

“You really want to die today, don’t you?”

I stopped warning him anymore. I just looked at Pibbit as it played well in the corner of the room and commanded him.

“Pibbit Junior! Go get him!”


A big bunny jumped towards Valer at my command.

Pibbit Junior!

Pibbit and Chubby grew too old and left me, but their children were still with me and kept me company. The one on the front line was Pibbit Junior. He jumped at Valer and bit his pants under my command.