Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 385

Chapter 385: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 385

Sadly, my impression of being pretty when I finally became conventionally beautiful was, ‘I’m pretty.’ I knew I was pretty, but I was not sure what’s so good about it.

Perhaps this was one of those instances where the grass was greener on the other side? Well, I thought it’s a little different.

Still, every time I saw my face, I felt an unknown sense of mission. I wanted to spread this beauty and keep it for a long time, but all I could do was make a portrait of myself every year and make a lot of children after marrying someone later.

However, the problem was that portraits could not capture the beauty of what it tried to imitate, and that marriage seemed difficult because my father was desperately opposed to it.

I was doomed.

Oh, it’s unfortunate that I couldn’t use this beauty extensively.


I made a few succinct movements, and when they saw it, the maids rushed right at me.

I knew their passion and sincerity for making me pretty, but I would sometimes see myself fearing them.

Brenda frowned as if she had read my mind.

‘Yeah, yeah, okay.’

‘I’m sorry about that.’

Eventually, I just stood still and looked in the mirror again.

“Hmm, I look so pretty.”

Even though I looked at myself in every way, there were zero flaws I could find.

I couldn’t see where to complain. Why was I so pretty?

When I seriously tried to put my face in front of the mirror and observed my face, I suddenly heard a voice from behind me. It sounded quite upset.

“You should stop marveling at your own face, you know. Don’t you get tired of looking at your face every day?”

Even if I didn’t have to look back, I could tell who it was just by his voice.

Valtorta, that bastard!

When did he even come here? Valer entered the powder room. If it were a strange gentleman, it would have been a very rude intrusion, but since it was him, no one in the powder room stopped him from coming to me.

I looked back proudly.

“How can I get bored with something so pretty?”

“Wow, there you go again.”

How dare he? I wanted to kill him then and there! Did he have a death wish?

I clicked my tongue. When he was young, he chased me around calling me Ria, but now that he’s all grown up, he’s forgotten how to respect his elders.

No wonder they said it’s a waste to care about a child who wasn’t your own.

It’s not like I really raised them, though…