Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 384

Chapter 384: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 384

The maids who stepped on the chairs were touching my hair. They thinly braided my hair, put it up, bouffant it a little bit, and then locked them up with big and beautiful hairpins on the side. I usually chose floral hair pins because my dresses were often pretty simple, so the decoration on my hair got fancier.

That didn’t mean that I would style my hair in a big bouffant, just like other ladies did those days.

“Oh, I look great.”

Now that I was done, I looked quite pretty in the mirror.

If maids heard my reaction, they would tear up, saying, ‘That’s your best reaction?’ but this is the best I could do. Above all, I was the kind of person who could have fun while decorating things.

I used to worry that I might grow up to be uglier… but luckily, I looked like Caitel. When I was young, I thought I was as pretty as anyone else, but my adult appearance was more than I imagined.

It looked like I inherited his genes indeed.

I guessed this was when I could say ‘it pleases my eyes’

The full-body mirrors that were set up everywhere illuminated me in a blue dress. I looked so beautiful that everything I wore would still highlight how magnificent my appearance was.

What wouldn’t look good on me?

White and fair skin, transparent and smooth without a single flaw, it was so white that it contrasted sharply with the blue silk I was wearing. The lines drawing the face and body were delicate and exquisite.

My distinct features, round and angled shoulders, and s-lined waistline and pelvic lines show off a definite curve.

Ha, I was in such a perfect shape.

Under my long eyelashes, the dark red eyes stared at me in the mirror as if Ruby had been stuck. The gaze deepened as I grew older, so my red eyes shone more seductively, and my lush lips and slender neckline compelled anyone to reach out to me.


There was a time when I sometimes wondered how pretty people felt.

How does it feel to be pretty?

When I saw them, I would be amazed but also envious. Oh, they must be feeling so satisfied by just looking at their faces. Even if that’s what looks said, no one hated being pretty, and the more beautiful you are, the more you couldn’t help but dazzle people’s eyes.

I had never been pretty, so I thought I’d never know how it felt.

It seemed like we never really knew what fate had in store for us.