Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 383

Chapter 383: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 383

I usually didn’t attend any parties, but I had no choice but to participate in it tonight. Today was a special day. It’s Graecito’s birthday, so I couldn’t help it.

Entering the powder room to prepare for the party, a full-body mirror welcomed me from all sides with my gown on. I always had good skin, but my skin reflected in the mirror today was glossier than usual. Maybe it’s because I had a massage earlier.

“What about Serira? Did she leave to get dressed?”

“Yes, she left just a while ago.”

Oh, I already feel exhausted.

Libby clicked her tongue when she saw me lacking enthusiasm.

What could I do? This was annoying.

It’s tiring to get dressed up all the time. If this happened every day, even anyone who loved dresses and decorating themselves would get sick of it.

Well, I couldn’t dress up the same way every time. It’s a far-off story from me, although all the maids had a lot of trouble because of my outfit.

I just wanted to go out in a casual outfit… sob sob.

“Well, you need to get dressed now. Princess.”


I took off my gown and put on my underwear first.

I was guessing that women’s underwear was similar everywhere. Even here, there were many underwear like corsets, vests, and petticoats. Of course, it was quite different from what I knew, but it was quite a shock when I first saw them.

“Now, stay still. I’ll put it on for you.”

When I was done with my underwear, my dress quickly hung on my body.

The dress I usually wore was very fancy by my standards, but the one I used for parties was even more extravagant than I imagined. I avoided designs that looked vulgar because they were way too decorative and luxurious, but those I chose still had way too much decoration on them.

Seriously… making oneself pretty as a woman took so much work. Of course, the problem was that I was not making any of that effort, but my maids were doing it.

“This is prettier than the last dress.”

“But that one was much more splendid.”

“To me, this looks prettier.”

“It’s a gift from His Majesty.”

No wonder. We had similar tastes.

Look at me. How many maids were helping me put on a dress?

I was just wearing one dress, and ten maids were still helping me put them on. Some of them were fixing my dress, and some were checking the decorations of the dress behind me.