Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 382

Chapter 382: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 382

‘I know.’ It was not that I didn’t know how terrible Assisi was before he became my guardian knight. I knew he had gotten a lot better after knowing me.

But, but…

I didn’t want to hear how he’s willing to die for me either.

He had already done more than enough.

Now, I want to do something for him.

“Every moment, and every second, I feel like I can see the souls of those I’ve killed. No matter what excuse I come up with, the fact that I have taken their lives does not change. Sometimes, I worry about my blood-stained hands, reaching out to you and holding your hands. I worry that my presence and my existence might be harming you…”

“I’m sorry. This is my fault.”

It looked like I brought this up carelessly. It was not that I didn’t know about Assisi’s wounds… but I wondered what made someone as gentle as Assisi like this.

I pitied him so much that I couldn’t speak properly.

“Don’t worry about that.”

It didn’t mean that I wanted to push Assisi away.

It looked like he’s not ready to leave me yet.

Let’s take it slow, one step at a time.

In the past, I was scared because I didn’t know where to begin, but it’s alright now.

I would never let go of this hand either.

“Assisi, I’m always the one who grabs your hand first, right?”

Assisi shut his mouth.

His pretty golden-green eyes were filled with tears. His beauty still shone as brilliantly as ever. Of course, I couldn’t say he hadn’t changed at all. He looked a little more mature but not the same as looking older.

This was unfair.

“But you really don’t age at all. I’ve grown so much now, yet you and dad still looked the same as before.”

“Not at all.”

Assisi shook his head upon hearing my complaint.

“You hadn’t changed at all from when you were younger, Princess.”

“…. do you mean to say I’m still a child?”

Assisi smiled as I looked up at him with a discontented frown.

I heard if one laughed while crying, horns would grow from their butt. Still, it’s nice to see Assisi laugh.

Wait, but why was he laughing, though? Was it funny to still see me as a child?

“Don’t laugh! I’m not a child!”

“Did His Majesty tease you about being a child again?”


I flatly denied it, but Assisi burst into laughter upon hearing me deny it instead.


He’s obviously laughing now!

What’s so funny? Which part?

“Assisi, I command you! Stop laughing!”

I even forced him to stop laughing, but he didn’t follow my command at all. He tried to hold his laughter, but soon, he gave up.

“… I’m sorry, but I need to laugh a bit more.”

Why? Why was he laughing?

I was happy to see Assisi happy… but somehow, this didn’t feel satisfying…

I wonder why… I suddenly started tearing up.