Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 380

Chapter 380: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 380

I would just be worried when I saw my dad with a sword.

Compared to my dad… I hadn’t seen Assisi actually swing a sword often. When I did see him holding one… I would feel a bit flustered. Perhaps this was an automatic response since it was always a bad sign if my dad wielded a sword…

Either way, it’s a fact that Assisi was stunningly beautiful when he’s holding a sword.

Assisi tilted his head in my serious gaze.

I just laughed.

“A lot of the budget for maintaining the palace still remains untouched, so I left, saying that I’d look for a talented artist who needed financial support.”

“Are there still some funds left over?”


Assisi looked at me as if he’s worried.

The chamberlain nagged me about whether I’d left the money on purpose…but there’s just too much money to spend.

I shrugged my shoulders.

“I can’t help it. I get so many gifts from nobles. I can’t possibly wear all of them. Designers send me hundreds of dresses I never asked for and beg me to try them. I don’t really need to spend any money on myself.”

“Most of the ladies tend to buy more things since they want something they like.”

“But that doesn’t apply to me, right?”

Assisi sighed at my smile.

Half of all my jewelry came from him. Caitel is a father, and Silvia was just being Silvia, but most of the accessories I wore often came from Assisi.

I grinned as I looked up at Assisi, looking down at me with a discontent expression.

“Oh well. It’s all because I’m so beautiful no matter what I wear.”

Assisi smiled, but it’s true, isn’t it?

“It’s because you’re frugal, princess.”

“I was raised well.”

Even if I wanted to be a spoiled kid, too many people looked after me while growing up.

Assisi nodded silently as if he agreed with my answer.

I just smiled quietly because he didn’t seem to know he’s included in those people.

“The young knights all seem to look up to you.”

“Yes, they’re all very enthusiastic.”

“You must be proud to teach them.”

I thought they would slack off once in a while, but they’re all enthusiastic. Must be because they really wanted to become knights.

I could feel their enthusiasm just after seeing them. It’s nice to see Assisi feeling proud of his pupils.

“Everyone is talented and has lots of potentials. There wasn’t much for me to teach. I’m simply helping them achieve what they were already capable of.”

“And that’s what a teacher is supposed to do.”

Assisi wasn’t wrong, but… I didn’t like how he always underestimated himself.

Teaching others was a challenging thing to do.