Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 379

Chapter 379: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 379

When I nodded, Sanse smiled and stroked my head. Of course, I refused him.

“Well, what about Valer?”

I just asked him where Valer went since he’s also a knight, but Sanse’s expression differed noticeably upon hearing my question. Looking at how Sanse smiled awkwardly and avoided answering me, I just sighed.

“Never mind. I think I know where he is.”

He was always like that.

He was probably at a party, at a pub, or off messing around somewhere.

Compared to him, Sanse grew up so well.

I was proud of Sanse as his older Godsister.

“Oh, uncle is back. I’ll be off, then.”

Assisi came this way to see if the practice was over.

It seemed like Sanse had to go now. We didn’t even get to talk for that long… it’s kind of sad, but we’re in public. Too bad, really.

“See you next time, Ria.”

Waving my hand to Sanse, who’s leaving, I smiled as prettily as I could. When he saw my smile, Sanse also smiled.

My brother’s smile was so pretty.

Except for a few words with Assisi in the middle, Sanse immediately returned to the training field. There were a few remaining students in that vast field other than those who went to rest, and it seemed to be Sanse’s job to guide them.

While looking at the Sanse, Assisi came to me. I smiled brightly at Assisi, who was close by.

“You seem busy… did I come at a bad time?”

Of course, I was just saying that. If I had known it would be real trouble, I wouldn’t have come at all.

Assisi firmly shook his head upon hearing my words. Perhaps I had always seen him clean and neat before… so it seemed new to see him all sweaty like this. Was it because it’s quite rare to see? It’s like seeing Caitel with glasses.

“Not at all. Did you come from the Royal Office?”

“No, the palace.”

They said a man looked best when he focused on his work. Assisi definitely looked best when he’s holding a sword.

At first, I thought I just had a thing for knights wielding swords… but I had seen my dad holding a sword numerous times, so that’s probably not the case.

I would just be worried when I saw my dad with a sword.

Compared to my dad… I hadn’t seen Assisi actually swing a sword often. When I did see him holding one… I would feel a bit flustered. Perhaps this was an automatic response since it was always a bad sign if my dad wielded a sword…

Either way, it’s a fact that Assisi was stunningly beautiful when he’s holding a sword.