Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 378

Chapter 378: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 378

When I looked back at that voice, someone very familiar came into my view. I was so glad to see him that I ran into his arms and forgot about my plans to pretend like a princess.


When I rushed in, Sanse opened his arms and hugged me.

It seemed like a child hugging a patent since he’s so tall, but I didn’t mind. Sanse was now seventeen and had already passed 180cm (approx. 5′ 11ft).

Why was he so tall when he’s younger than me… sob sob!

Although he was the son of a wealthy family, I felt sad sometimes because he’s so big compared to me, who had not even reached 160cm (approx. 5′ 3ft).

Once he grew taller than me, he started acting like an older brother. Now, he’s even teamed up with Cito in the brotherly act.

Haa, not funny.

It’s a bit annoying, but I knew it’s just because they cared about me. I would just forgive them since I was generous.

“By the way, you… You didn’t even come to see me after returning from S-Hertogenbosch!”

“Oh, sorry. I’ve been busy.”

Now, Sanse was stepping back with a sharp look. I hinted that I would not let this go smoothly.

He went abroad and didn’t even get me a gift! Bastard!

If he returned, he should have visited me to say that he had done so!

“Were you really so busy that you didn’t even have time to see your older sister?”

“… I’m sorry…”

Sanse shut his mouth at my face. Seeing him being nervous quickly made me feel better.

When he was young, he used to be a little troublemaker, chasing around Valer… but he totally changed once he held a sword. Although Ferdel was horrible at using a sword, it seemed like the knight’s blood in his family didn’t disappear. Sanse was called a prodigy in terms of his skill. On top of that, he’s a hard worker. He’s only 17, yet he already became a knight of the Winter Moon and progressed to the top rank.

Then again, he had grown to be more serious, and he started talking less. That was unexpected. He used to be a little kid who loved chasing me around. Well, he’s still a baby in my eyes.

“So, why is the best knight of the Winter Moon over here?”

“I’m a training assistant.”


Oh, so he’s here to scout future knights for the Winter Moon. I didn’t know.