Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 377

Chapter 377: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 377

I thought I had only spoken a few words to Libby, but before I realized it, we were already in front of the knight’s residence.

I couldn’t believe we were here so fast. The power of chatting with a friend indeed was terrific.

I remembered being amazed at the knight’s residence when I first came here.

The knight’s residence was a military facility with strict visitor policies. However, with Caitel’s explicit permission, and as the master of the Spring Morning Knights, I could enter a place where every woman was banned from entering freely.

Anyway… it always felt like I was visiting a brother in the army when I came here.

“Oh? There’s Assisi.”

The knight’s residence’s entrance was on the second floor, so I could see the Knights’ Practice Field at a glance when I looked down from the stairs. Although there were many other fields in this residence, this particular practice field was the largest, so training squires usually happened here. I looked down just in case, but I could see Assisi walking around, fixing student knight’s poses.

I waved my hand at Assisi in delight.


Maybe it’s because I was the only woman in this place, but amid countless other loud screams, Assisi still heard my voice clearly and looked back right at me. He looked so handsome even though he’s wearing the simpler version of the uniform he wears daily.

Oh, I didn’t know whose knight he was, but he shone so brightly.

Once I saw Assisi, I went down the stairs and headed straight into the training field, and he came this way as well. I smiled brightly as soon as I saw him coming.

“Have you come for a visit?”

“Yes. Oh, you’re in the middle of training, right? Am I bothering you?”

“It’s alright.”

… was it really alright?

I looked over the knights behind Assisi, but what could I do. I just trusted Assisi’s words. Of course, when Assisi said it’s alright, it’s actually not alright 99% of the time.

“Everyone is exhausted, so it was about time to let them have a break.”

Assisi added that as if he sensed my suspicion.

Really? Was that really the case?

Assisi smiled at me. Still, it seemed like he really was concluding today’s practice session. I should go up to the waiting room and wait then.

I could feel the squires keep looking back at me as if they were amazed.

Sure. I guessed it was rare to see a princess.

I knew best how they saw me in their eyes, so I started to act modestly. I had to protect the dreams and fantasies of those knights.


Huh? This voice?