Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 376

Chapter 376: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 376

However, I wanted Assisi to be happy. If I was an obstacle to that happiness… then I didn’t mind disappearing from his life. Of course, the best option would be if Assisi was happy by my side!

“Still, Assisi used to be too attached to me. He would be with me from the moment I opened my eyes in the morning until I closed my eyes at night.”

I said it and soon denied what I said.

“No. Actually, Assisi would probably guard my side all night while I was sleeping too.”

Yeah, he would do that.

I had only learned that recently, but even when I was sleeping, he had always been guarding me. I thought he quit that since he got caught when I was young, but it seemed like he continued it secretly.

You didn’t have to guard me, seriously.

Well, Assisi was also human, so he did sleep too. However, the problem was that he slept so lightly that he could open his eyes once he could feel someone else’s presence. I was so sad when I heard that story.

Sleep was something one needed to take in a proper bed.

I always thought about it, but I didn’t know why he’s so harsh on himself.

Of course, I wanted to stop him from doing that, but it was against his nature to listen to me, so I just let him be. There’s no specific solution.

It made me hate my dad for leaving him alone without my knowledge, tsk.

“That’s why I was sorry for him.”

It’s like seeing my mom sacrifice everything for me.

A mother who had lived only for me without dreams of her own couldn’t be the answer to one’s life. I was not that great or outstanding to receive everything.

I felt sorry and thankful and sad for him.

Assisi was not my mother, but I was immersed in such complicated feelings when I saw him.

I was just a little kid, but he had still protected me sincerely.

Maybe that’s the reason. That’s probably why I felt relieved when Assisi became the chief instructor of the royal guard. He had protected me plenty until now. It’s my turn to protect him.

“He’s still overprotective of me… but he didn’t worry as much now that I had grown up, so that’s better. ”

Libby smiled at my answer.

She’s younger than me, but there were moments when she looked at me like she was my mother, just like now. I’m embarrassed because she looked at me so pleased.

“You must really like Sir Assisi.”

“Well… it’s true.”

It’s a little embarrassing, but what’s true is true!