Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 373

Chapter 373: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 373

I looked up at Ferdel quietly. I could see Ferdel’s face, full of smiles. I didn’t know if people here weren’t getting old, or my standards were weird because I saw none of these people mature ever! However, I was sure he’s around 40, and Ferdel still seemed to be in his early 30s.

Why didn’t he have any wrinkles on his face?

Still, he couldn’t help but show some of his wrinkles whenever he laughed, but he looked so good that the creases just made him much more attractive.

“But you seem too happy about this.”

Ferdel clapped upon hearing my answer. He shouted with an exaggerated expression.

“You’re quite sharp, Princess. My years of teaching have paid off!”

“I’ve always been sharp.”

He’s acting like a fool again.

He still acted like a little boy, a boy who thought he could fool around. He still loved picking on Caitel, which got him beaten up all the damn time.

Ferdel widened his eyes upon hearing my reply, almost as if he was saying, ‘how did you know?’

He’s so coy. He was just acting.

However, I was not falling for his act.

“But you grew up so proper, Princes… I’m so happy as a father.”

Ferdel pretended to cry with tears that didn’t come out.

I just shook my head with a flutter. If Caitel heard that… I was sure he would beat Ferdel just like the count. I would bet my castle on it. Of course, my Godfather was also my father in a sense… but there’s still a difference.

‘Ferdel, I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you.’

“So, are these all the papers you have to go through this time?”

“Yes, and there’s so many.”

This was the promised road to a hell full of paperwork. Why was I born again?

Why was I born again!?

I had to struggle with paperwork in my past life, and I must do it again in this life too!?

I had a fit of anger.

“I mean, why do I have to take care of royal matters and the management of the palace!?”

“It’s inevitable. There are no other adults in the royal family.”

Looking at all the documents on my desk, Ferdel chuckled.

Why was he acting like a proud father while looking at his child, who had already grown older? ‘This is a bit awkward for me, you know?’

Well… I guessed it’s true. I couldn’t say Ferdel didn’t have any influence on me.