Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 372

Chapter 372: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 372

Ferdel seemed to be agonizing for a moment. He scratched his cheek with his index finger before shrugging.

“Umm… you probably don’t know about this, but the Count has been bad mouthing you for a while.”


“He says you didn’t respond when he greeted you.”

Huh? What’s with that?

It’s absurd, and it’s ridiculous.

I just frowned. I did see the Count before, but he’s so plain that it’s hard for me to remember his face. I was a kind princess who replied to my constituents all the time.

When did he greet me?

“I don’t remember.”

No matter how hard I tried to remember him, I really couldn’t recall anything about it.

I mean, how was I supposed to remember everyone who greeted me from so many people in just a day? If I tried to count the people who greeted me, I would have ended up with almost a couple hundred people, including all servants and maids.

Plus, my brain had reached its capacity for a long time now.

It was fortunate that I could memorize all the major noble families of this empire and essential figures from foreign countries.

Ferdel shrugged.

“It would’ve been fine if that’s where it ended. But Caitel ended up hearing about it, and here we are now.”

“How unfortunate.”

What a pity. He picked the wrong day.

The pity I had for him disappeared since I learned that he was speaking wicked things about me, but he was unfortunate for sure.

Ferdel smiled.

“He was removed from his position, and his status was demoted too. It’s quite a generous punishment coming from Caitel.”

“It’s kind of sad that we would call something like that a generous punishment…”

Well, this was, indeed, generous. Insulting any member of the royal family was a grave crime, and if this happened five years ago, Caitel might have executed him already.

Yeah, it was quite generous for him to just punish him without an execution. As I saw in front of my eyes, the maid of a foreign princess who was dragged to death because she dared to talk back at him, I felt somewhat proud that Caitel’s lack of mercy was gradually easing.

Perhaps my nagging was finally paying off.

Wait. I shouldn’t feel proud of this.

“And he was one of the more useful ones out of the new aristocratic families lately.”

Ferdel pouted as if he’s disappointed.

“Though, idiots will always end up in trouble either way.”

So what was he trying to say?