Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 371

Chapter 371: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 371

It might go without saying, but Ferdel was still the chancellor.

He begged Caitel every year to let him quit by submitting a long, long sad background story as a petition, but Caitel would refuse every year. Now, Ferdel had held the title of chancellor for longer than anyone else in Agrigent’s history.

Actually, he was temporarily released from his position for about three months. However, the whole country became a mess right away, so Caitel dragged him back here. That time, Ferdel fled to another country with Silvia because he didn’t want to return… but…

There’s a reason why my father is THAT ‘Caitel.’

He summoned an army and charged into Ancief right away. The royal family of Ancief gave up immediately and sent Ferdel back to Caitel. Thus, they captured Ferdel and dragged him back home in a week.

Tsk tsk. Poor thing. He could no longer be free.

Although the same went for me too…

“I heard what happened. Really, you’re the best, Princess.”

“I don’t need your praise!”

He was the one who had been using me as a tool to handle my father. He’s annoying. Now that I thought about it, my life had always been in danger because of Ferdel.

Ugh. He’s so sly.

I glared at him, and he just smiled slyly.

He’s wily, but the problem was that I couldn’t hate him. That could be a trap if he meant it.

Ferdel suddenly pretended to cry.

“What else can I do? Princess, you’re the only one who can tame that darn beast…”

I knew that, but it’s annoying to hear it from him. Perhaps Ferdel was just irritating.

Luckily, I grew up proper and upright. However, some people who didn’t believe that I was kind still whispered about and say that I might turn into a tyrant like my dad.

My… When I first heard that…

Well, I mean… I guessed I understood where they were coming from. My dad was not as bad as he was before, but he still ruled the palace with fear. Caitel’s temper was just that astounding.

I used to think he would relax as he grew older and see the world better. Well, I must think about it again and let my past self reflect.

There was a reason why Solay Palace changed its staff so often. Haha…

“So, why did he get mad this time?”

I should, at least, know the reason.

Whenever things like this happened, I just go there to take care of things without knowing why my father was making a mess. I should handle his temper first.