Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 37

Oh my, this cute, lovely, adorable, and pretty face was mine? I hadn’t looked in a mirror in a while…

I was bound to be a beauty when I grew older. I just had to grow past my 16th year.

However, now that I took another look, this earring didn’t look like a simple jewel. It’s somehow mesmerizing the longer I look at it…

‘What is this?’

“If something happened, call me through this. I’ll be there for you right away.”

Touching on the earrings he had given me, Dranste whispered to me. Well, this was a little embarrassing.

Was this earring a way to connect him and I together?

“Huh? No.”

Then how do I call you? Do you want to die?

“You have to break it in order to summon me.”


What did he just say?

I have to break this earring. Oh, I could break them by myself! That’s how I could call him! Oh, I see.


This idiot, was he joking with me? How would I break this?! Was he telling me to just die?

I pinched his cheeks as hard as I could. I was the only one here who could hear him. He wanted to get beaten that badly, huh?

“Don’t worry. It will break on its own if your will is strong enough to summon me.”

After I pinched his cheek, he smiled. It’s strange. I was the one who hit him, but it felt like he got me.

Oh, he was so annoying. I hated him so much!

I squinted my eyes, he smiled brightly.

“Happy birthday.”

His lips on my forehead are quite…

Wow, he’s buttering me up.

However, he’s kind of embarrassing me now.

Dranste gave me a present and disappeared. He’s always like that, but it’s also his mystery that he didn’t make me feel sad about it.

Well, he would come back any time.

It was his hobby to show up out of nowhere, so I didn’t feel anything even though he disappeared. It’s rather strange for him to stay long. Yeah.

“Happy birthday, Princess.”

Some friendly voices greet me. They were the maids staying at the Solay Palace. Including Serira and Elene, everyone I saw congratulated me.

Even if it was a birthday without any excitement, I was still grateful and happy that I was celebrated like this. Even I was excited.

This was the first time so many people congratulated me.

I really felt loved.

“Happy birthday, my princess.”

“He he”

The birthday present Elene gave me was a small handmade scarf. I had seen her learning how to knit from Serira and making something. I never thought she made them for me.

Serra gave me a big rabbit doll, a cute and lovely rabbit with a hood on it. The doll’s ears were drooping which made it cuter. This was also a gift handmade by Serira. Maybe that’s why the scarf and the doll smelled good. I love them.

“Now, shall we go?”

The party started at sunset.

Come to think of it, I hadn’t even seen Caitel today because of his work.

I was busy with gifts and celebrations today, so I didn’t even know it was sunset already. Of course, I knew days were short in winter, but…

Well, I could see him at the party.

“You’re so pretty, my princess.”

I wore a blue dress and a flower-shaped hairpin on my head. I looked pretty today.

Oh, I’m so pretty. Who was I supposed to look like now? Hehe.

Unlike last time, I entered the party in Serira’s arms. I guessed it was because I was still a baby. As soon as I entered, I sat in the prepared cradle and looked at people.

Wow, there were so many people.

There was an overwhelming number of people I saw for the first time. Still, I felt good. I was so happy with the greetings from strangers.

The magic of birthday, hehe.

According to what I heard, only about 50 nobles and representatives were invited. Still, this looked like an enormous crowd to me. Was it because I’m small?

However, if this was small, how many people would be there in big parties?

“Our princess is so pretty.”

“I heard that she grew up so well that she can walk already.”

Of course, because this was my birthday, everyone was busy talking about me.

“She might start talking soon.”

“She must be clever, like her father, the Emperor.”

“She will be all grown up soon. Oh, my.”

I already know how to talk. The problem was that my pronunciation was terrible. Sob Sob.

Why didn’t these guys stop talking about sad things because they think I couldn’t hear them at all? I understood what they all said, so they should stop talking!

“I heard his Majesty adores princess Ariadna so much.”

However, they just wouldn’t stop talking.

Dirty world, screw you!

“Oh, who says such things?”

“But everyone who enters the palace already knows that.”

“It’s true. I heard his Majesty is showing an unusual affection for her. Maybe he is truly turning over a new leaf for his child”

Everyone talked too much. Both men and women. Those who was risen by gossip shall fall through gossip. I was looking around irritably when I saw Serira far away.


I realized that Serira wasn’t next to me.

Huh? Why was it only Elene here?

“What’s wrong with you, Princess?”


Not Herira. I was talking about Serira. Oh, my pronunciation.

Well, Elene still got what I said. Elene turned her head for a moment as if she was worried.

It was actually the real Serira I was looking for now. Oh, so the woman from far away was really Serira.

“Should I call Serira for you?”

No. No.

Elene seemed embarrassed when I shook my head. She looked like she was going to cry. I reached out to Serira without a word.

“Oh, would you like me to take you there?”


Elene seemed like she was in trouble.

What’s wrong with you?

I tilted my head and Elene bit her lips.

What’s wrong with her?

She acted like she wouldn’t take me, but she grabed me in her arms. She still looked somehow nervous.

What, was there some kind of bomb over there? Why was she looking so nervous?


I smiled brightly as soon as I got near Serra. But Serira seemed troubled for some reason.

Huh? What’s wrong, both of you?