Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 369

Chapter 369: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 369

I felt sorry for the man, but Caitel wasn’t. With a serious look on his face, he looked down upon the man and replied back at me.

“Taking out the trash.”

Oh… father.

I didn’t know what expression I should make. As I stared at my father with a doubtful face, it seemed like Caitel started acting embarrassed.


I called him in a calm voice, but there was no response from my father, who avoided my eyes.

Did my dad think I would just let that go?

“My dear daddy.”





How many more times should I call him to make him turn his head? Huh?

I was even willing to call him all day if I needed to, but I guessed my father didn’t want that. After ignoring my call, he sighed and handed over the man that he dragged out of the attendants.

“Get rid of him, and make sure I don’t see him again.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Looking at the attendants disappearing with a look of relief, I stared at my father in silence.

Caitel kept avoiding my eyes, perhaps because he still didn’t have enough courage to face me. There was an awkward and uncomfortable silence between us as if we were alone in an elevator with a friend who barely knew us.

It felt like that uncomfortable silence that came after saying hi.



Alright, I’d yield.

I had decided to stop staring at him without saying anything with teary eyes.

“Daddy, didn’t I tell you last time that violence is not the best solution?”

This wasn’t something I said ten years ago, not even a year ago. I told this to him just last week.

I wouldn’t say anything if I told him before last week. I said the exact same thing the week before, and two weeks before too.

Now my father was coughing in vain, maybe he’s getting a little guilty.

Some said his temper got much better now, but I thought my dad’s rage remained the same. Honestly, he’s not a teenager anymore. When would he learn to calm that temper of his?

I began to pretend like I was about to cry.

“I would hope my father would take care of everything with grace and mercy… Really, I wish for nothing more but for you to become someone better. That would make me so happy…”

“Should we have dinner now?”

This old geezer!

“It’s still lunch now!”

Caitel looked somewhat disappointed.

This was not the right time to make that face, Dad!

Chapter 370: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 370

Anyway, I’d give him credit for trying to change the subject. However, I would not fall for that.

I took a big breath.

“Ferdel said that it’s more suspicious for an empire as large as our to not have any corrupt officers.”

“But I can’t ignore a bug in front of me.”

What was my father bragging about anyway?

Of course, I agreed that a corrupt governor should be renounced, but I didn’t agree with this method. I loved that daddy would not go to war anymore, but that didn’t mean I wanted him to go on a rampage because he didn’t like something on the report! As I glared as if I would kill him, my dad finally said something to me as if he was sorry.

“I didn’t kill anyone.”

Seriously, father?!

“Not killing someone was good enough for you?! That’s total nonsense!”

I would listen to him only if he talked using rational human logic. What kind of nonsense puppy logic was that? When I laughed shortly because I was unpleasantly surprised, Caitel nodded proudly.

“I didn’t cut off any arms or legs either. I think that’s plenty kind enough.”


How was that considered kind?!

I was reminded of how extraordinary my dad was several times a day… Really, he behaved like he’s from another world sometimes.

I was the one who hailed from another world here!

Back then, I used to worry that everyone in this world might act like my dad. Luckily, he’s the only one as extraordinary as this.

Wait, was that a good thing? Should I be happy?

Oh, I didn’t know. Whatever! I had given up on finding a rational conclusion.

“Fine, let’s have dinner.”

“You said it was lunchtime.”

… Was he asking for a fight?

Caitel smiled as I frowned. I didn’t know what was so funny, but seeing him smile made me feel anew.

Ah, fine. It is what it is.

I raised my head coldly.

“So, do you not want to eat then?”

“We should eat.”

When I reached out to him upon hearing his answer, which seemed so natural, Caitel’s hands overlapped over mine.

I breathed a deep sigh as if I couldn’t help it.

What could I do? The rest of this mess still needed to be dealt with…

Before I left the office, I looked around at the attendants who were chasing after Caitel.

“Let the chancellor handle the rest.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”