Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 368

Chapter 368: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 368

I went straight into the room where I heard the sound. I expected to see Caitel, but only the messed-up place welcomed me.

Why? Why didn’t I see Caitel? Why?

Was he in here or somewhere else?

I was looking around the room, which was obviously the epicenter of the disturbance, and suddenly, I heard a rustling sound from the side. The door opened with a sharp bang. A man walked out of it.

I let out a deep sigh I had kept in my heart.

“Get rid of them.”

… quite remarkable today, father. As always.

I could guess what his mistake must have been if he’s being dragged out like that. It still felt pitiful.

What was he expecting?

He must have been anticipating the promised road of defeat where a clear view of the miserable future resided.

Other than that, I coughed in vain to let my presence known.

‘Hi daddy, I’m here! This way! It’s me!’

Caitel, who was handing over something that dragged out, turned around. Our eyes met in the air.

“Hi, Daddy?”

My father’s face hardened at once as I shook my hand with a smile.

‘Yeah, Dad, it’s me. I’m here.’

His eyes were filled with discomfort.

Well, he knew why I was here. After all, he still got some common sense. ‘Still, Dad, I was not the one to back down even if you stare at me like that.’

“My dear daughter… what are you doing here?”

Caitel took a step back away from me while murmuring his words as if he knew he did something wrong. I just smiled quietly since I didn’t want to push him away. I could see how embarrassed he was.

“I was just passing by and decided to take a pit stop here.”

Caitel frowned.

Did he not believe me? Oh well. His daughter was the one saying it after all.

I get the feeling that I was becoming more and more like a chancellor, but… I was sure that it was just my imagination, right? However, if he disliked it that openly, I would feel hurt. I was only human, too, after all.

Look at all the entourage’s haunted expressions, though.

The entourages who followed Dad looked at me with a sigh of relief. It was like they were looking at their savior. Just by looking at their faces and their eyes, I guessed the whole situation.

Yeah, they must have called me out of desperation.

He’s the royal emperor. No man could stop him. Who else could confront him but me?

“So, what are you doing?”


As if my question had reminded me of the reality, dad picked up a poor man’s collar and threw him on the ground.

I felt terrible for the man, whom Caitel had dragged out by the collar. I couldn’t believe how badly he treated him…