Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 367

Chapter 367: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 367

I was not the “911 emergency rescue hotline,” yet I was still the only one responsible for quelling such a situation, so I had quickly grown tired of it. I had finally understood how Superman felt.

Ah, being a hero meant suffering.

Caitel was no longer hailed as a tyrant amongst his people. However, within the palace, it was harder to discard that reputation. I guessed he got way softer as he got older…

Uh, um, sorry. I lied.

“I’ll go in first; stay back for now.”

“Yes, Princess!”

Everyone nodded with quick, lively faces.

They wouldn’t enter anyway, even if I asked them to come with me.

It was obvious. It had become a regular event.

The room was more of a spectacle. I guessed he just threw whatever he could grab because the floor was full of broken pieces.

I clicked my tongue after seeing it.

I was sure they were all luxury products that must have cost billions of dollars…

‘Well… rest in peace… you were a good decoration…’

Thinking about throwing it all away and redecorating this room, I went further within. Anyway, the Lord Chamberlain would complain about how costly it would be to refurbish the palace. Of course, it was apparent that Lord Chamberlain wouldn’t like this as well as the master butler. The finance minister would not be a fan of it either.

What if they didn’t like it?

If their boss told them to deal with it, they would do so.

Assisi was worried that I might step on something sharp like a piece of glass, but I went swung about without hesitation. ‘If I stepped on it, you would step on it.’


All the servants in the office seemed to have fled. How come the building was so quiet? If I were alone, I would be scared. Fortunately, I was okay since I had Assisi with me.

Why was it so quiet? I had a bad feeling about this.



Suddenly, a loud noise made me flinch. Assisi guarded me right away, but fortunately, nothing really happened.

Something… definitely broke.

Another loud noise erupted before I could figure out what the previous sound was. The steady stream of banging made me recoil on my own.

What was that? That scared me!

I was so startled that I stepped closer to Assisi, but the loud noise didn’t disappear as if they were trying to demolish the building.

What was he doing now!?

Once I had grown accustomed to this situation, I ran to where this loud noise originated.


I was sure he would be here!