Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 366

Chapter 366: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 366

As time passed, many things changed.

First of all, the most significant difference was that there was a new palace of my own in the Argrigentom Imperial Palace. Of course, there’s a funny story about how my dad demolished the Empress’ palace to build it…

Well, it’s not the first time my father did something like this, ha.

Besides that, I had more maids now who helped me, and I was also at the center of social gatherings. Now, I had to help with the palace’s management as a member of the royal family.

A royal lady like the Empress should be dealing with it since she’s usually the one in charge of the palace. Maybe a queen dowager could handle it too as a senior member of the palace. However, for ‘that’ reason, I was the only lady in this royal family. My godmother, Silvia, with the help of Serira, handled these jobs before, but after my coming-of-age ceremony, it fell into my hands without mercy.

Serira was the chief maid at my palace, adding on to her existing title as my nanny. Several other head maids came and went after Elyne. I also still saw Elyne from time to time, and she’s already a mother of two children. It made me think about how swiftly time passed. Also yes. She still seemed to be the same clumsy girl.

Assisi spent most of his time training while I’m studying or attending official business. When he somehow started teaching Valer and Cito, he became the chief instructor of the royal knights.

Clap, clap, clap! Claps for him!

He seemed worn out at first, but I thought he felt proud after watching his pupils now. I was even proud of it, actually.

Even though many things changed, there’s one thing that hadn’t changed at all…

My father’s temper.

“Here we go again.”

Once Assisi arrived, I went straight to the office, but the office was already in a mess just based on the entrance alone.

It’s not a normal thing to see, but his office was usually this messy.


As soon as I entered the office, Lord Chamberlain, who was supposed to be next to my father, ran towards me once he saw me. Once I saw his face, I immediately understood the situation. I didn’t say much.

“How is Dad?”

“His Majesty is inside.”

Attention was pouring from all sides, saying, ‘please go and stop him.’

Ugh, I let out a heavy sigh.