Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 365

Chapter 365: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 365

You’re so fine

The first page of the memory was not very difficult.

As usual, when I opened my eyes, I saw a ceiling carved with various spirits before another day began.

I washed up, changed my clothes, and headed to the dining hall for breakfast. Those days, I occasionally attended prominent privateers, walked with dad, and sometimes argued with him.

The days felt so full and busy, and it felt like they would last for so much longer… but somehow, I had become an 18-year-old fully-grown lady now.

… and yet I was only 156cm, although I’m an adult.

Well, it’s okay. I wouldn’t cry.

I knew I’d become an adult someday, but I thought it would be a very distant future until I become an adult again. Yeah, I thought it would take a long time.

Time went by so fast.

Like in my past life, I felt like I had become an adult before I could prepare myself. I didn’t know if I could take responsibility for my life properly, but after my seventeenth Coming-of-Age ceremony, the worries that poured out had suffocated me.

Would I be able to do well?

Would I be able to make the right choices?

These questions had already plagued me before, but they were not the kind of problems that could be solved by sitting down and thinking as I did then.

“I guess I’ve been a child for far too long.”

I guessed I got too accustomed to being a little child even though my mind isn’t that of a child anymore and also got used to people treating me like a child. I was the cutest child in the world, so it was more problematic because everyone accepted and adored me even if I was stubborn or naughty.

I realized deeply as I grew up as a princess how hard it was for a child not to grow up spoiled in an environment where I could quickly get anything if I just reached out to someone.

That’s why the royal family acted a lot like beggarly. It’s understandable.

In that sense, I was so thankful for Serira. Mom was always right.


I was picking clothes with Serira for a tea party in the afternoon, and suddenly I tilted my head at the voice calling me.

Who’s looking for me so desperately?

However, the maid, who ran to the room, could not speak properly because she ran out of air. Her desperate pantings made me feel so sorry for her. Yeah, we are all working for a living.

“Someone give her some cold water.”

When another maid gave her a cup of water, she gulped down and suddenly took a big breath. Then she looked at me and shouted,

“Princess, this is bad!”

“I haven’t run away, and I’m quietly preparing to go to the tea party. What could go wrong?”

At my simple answer, the maid tapped her chest in frustration.

I tilted my head. Serira’s gaze at me from the side was sharp, but I didn’t look around.

Mom, I didn’t run away… Can we just move on?

Oh, no, we can’t?


At that time, the maid shouted in a hurry, as if to save me.

“His Majesty had gone to Podere Palace!”


Ah… not again.

I had a lot to say, but I wouldn’t.

Years of experience quickly made me realize what was happening. The dress was not a problem now. I got ready to leave the palace right away.

“Go to the knights’ quarters and get Assisi.”

“Yes, Your Highness!”