Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 364

Chapter 364: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 364

Parten-Kicheren: The Clandestine Point of the Summer Spirit

Symbol: Sun sitting on a Spoon

National Tree: Quaternary tree

National Flower: Sunflower

It is a country where angry summer spirits hid. Initially, it was divided into states that served the summer spirits, but after the fall of the angels in the north, many northern residents gathered around this place, and the countries that felt a sense of crisis the most were united and solidified into their present form. Though it was said to be a unified state, unlike Uprichit, it worked almost like a single country and was governed by two co-governors, Parten and Kicheren.

Southern Legion. Land of the Gods

Pretzia: Kingdom of Regions

Symbol: A sword and a spear crossed over an open book.

Sacred property: A cup of moderation, a crown of refinement, a necklace of fascination, and a penitence ring.

The empire that the old Legion gods had attended. As evidence, the holy treasures from their Gods still exist. The Legion’s subjugated ruler was the only one who could use these treasures. Unless God had acknowledged them or inherited the blood of God. God’s protection allowed the empire to maintain its culture for a long time until its fall in the hands of Agrigent. Although they chose to have two leaders on to control this land with ease, it looked more like they were extorting the Imperial power.

Torore: The Kingdom of Light

Symbol: The Holy Sword, Torore

Holy Spirit: Torore’s Sword, Holy Sword of light

It is a kingdom whom a knight had founded after receiving the Holy Sword from Hermawin, the God of light.

Traditionally, knights were favored in this country, giving them an excellent army. Since many people in this country were stubborn in serving the truth, they generally valued honor and abstinence. Regardless of blood, they would choose their strongest knight to reign over them.

Izarta: Kingdom of the Dead

Symbol: A skull in a crown.

Holy Treasure: Dead’s wand

It was a kingdom under the protection of the army of death. From one generation to another, kings used holy treasures to call upon the dead to protect the living. It was as an invincible artifact until Agrigent destroyed it for its power of resurrection to an infinite extent with just a contract.

E-snia: City of the Sage

Symbol: The stars, crescent moon, and the sun on an open book

Holy Treasure: The Book of Death and The Book of Life

It is a country where wise men gathered to explore the truth. The kingdom was named after a great sage E-snia for building the foundation for the city. E is the last name for the great sages, and almost every city in E-snia had names derived from the great sages. It was a republic built by the great sages, but the country itself was topologically isolated, so they did not fear a foreign invasion.