Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 363

Chapter 363: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 363

Coventry: The Fountain of the Youngest

Symbol: Three petals

It was a country filled with talent, Relatively more impoverished than Andurs and Leiden. This country receives the most support from the Empire, located on the way up to the north, so it was often called the Northern Gatekeeper.

Hessen: Home of the Lost Souls

Symbol: A pair of winged turtles.

Guardian: Turtle

It is a republic built on an uninhabited island where people who had been defeated by various countries, including S-hertogenbosch, settled through naval means. It was governed by the senates. There was a legend that the island might not be just an island, but the back of a legendary creature.

Central. The land where the breath of the Great Spirit touches

Agrigent: The Empire of Winter

Symbol: Winter Tree with Roots surrounded by Diamonds

National Tree: Winter Tree

It is a country where the winter spirit legend, also known as the youngest child of the Great Spirit, descended. Legends had it that the Great Spirit protected the king of Agrigent, so he was also called the one who received the Evangelium. They were called children of winter spirits. There were many rare kinds of spirit stones in this Empire, making them quite a powerhouse. The four seasons appear evenly in this country because they were in a good relationship with the other spirits, but the Empire believed in only the Great Spirit and the Winter Spirit.

Langres: A kingdom of honey.

Symbol: Long-haired woman with a big star in her arms.

Almost all of the land in this country was barren or made out of deserts. Living in poverty, most people live near river streams where oases and thin water flows reside. A tradition of tribalism existed in this place, where they would worship the strongest man among them, perhaps due to their barbarous environment. The strong would often be accepting of being servile, so there existed many assassins in this place.

It is a country with a legend that told about how most of the land was devastated by the curse of summer spirit because the second king of Langres harassed the summer spirit. It was said that thanks to the protection of the autumn spirit, enough food could be saved so they would not starve to death. Therefore, ironically, it was called the land where honey flowed with people worshipping the autumn spirit.

Ancief: The Land of Spring

Symbol: An apple with a flower crown.

Guardian: Female deer

The country experiences the constant touch of springtime throughout the year under the Spring Spirit’s protection. Due to Agrigent’s efforts to conquer their neighboring lands, Ancief was now the only independent country that worshiped the Spring Spirit. Numerous flowers bloomed all year round in the green fields, and fresh fruits thrive the most in their economy. The scent of flowers was so fragrant, and the fruit was sweeter than any other land. It was said that elves were still found within some forests in Ancief.