Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 360

Chapter 360: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 360

“Why are you here?”

‘Didn’t you just leave because you hated me and refused to see me? Did she already forget that? I think only a few hours have passed since you said you’ll never see me again.’

‘She probably returned because she heard that the woman she treated as her mother will be executed.’

“Let Serira go.”

As expected. His prediction wasn’t wrong.

However, he didn’t feel satisfied even when he got it right. He knew she would come to him. The first thing she talks about is about her nanny after fleeing from him like that—without an apology, or pleading for forgiveness.

“Why should I?”

‘Why should I forgive that arrogant woman who tried to teach me at the wrong time? Why should I let her go? I did plan to release her, but I don’t want to do so now that she asks for it. She was, indeed, arrogant.’

“Let her go!”

“What if I don’t want to?”

“Serira didn’t do anything wrong! Are you a 3-year-old toddler?! Do you just take out your anger on anyone?!”

‘I’m the one who should be mad here. How can she be so impudent? I want to twist her arm and block her mouth. I want to scold her for not realizing her wrongs.’

“Since when were you so attached to your nanny, yet you refuse to listen to your own father?”

She was yelling as if he’s crazy, and now she wanted him to let the nanny go. Ria, who was staring at him without saying anything, bit her lips. Tears well up in her big eyes staring at him. She tried not to cry and to hold back her tears, but her big eyes eventually overflowed with tears.

“Let Serira go, you jerk! Why are you doing this to me?”

His blood suddenly cooled down after seeing her cry.

She didn’t cry when he scolded her, but now she was crying so hard.

‘I was never trying to make her cry. She doesn’t usually cry, so I didn’t think she’d burst into tears like this…’

‘..I wasn’t trying to make her cry.’

‘I did everything for you. How can you not know that? I’m tired of everything now.’

“Do you treasure that woman more than your own father?”

‘Was she so dear to her that she’d cry like that?’

‘I knew she cherished that woman, but it’s not very pleasant to confirm that right in front of my very eyes. Still, my anger had all disappeared now… I wonder if this is a good thing. Hearing her cry finally brought me to my senses.’