Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 36

Today was the day I finally grew a year older.

To be exact, I was now two years old here.

I was two years old. Me, being two years old!

I bit my lips in a strange mood by counting my age with my fingers.

‘Mommy, I’m two years old now!’

I was old enough in my past life. I had already forgotten the excitement of my own birthday. My busy life often made me forget about it. I felt happy when someone was celebrating my birthday. I really appreciated the gift I was given.

The fact that day was the day I was born was meaningless, and the fact that I was born was more important than the day of my birth. It wasn’t a problem for me to celebrate the wrong day as my birthday.

Why did I live so insensitively? Well, I was old enough, and I didn’t want to feel that I was getting older. Anyway, I wasn’t so excited or happy because my birthday was coming…

“My princess, are you that happy? You woke up earlier than usual, and you seem to be in a good mood.”

Serira smiled softly. To that smile, I laughed and clapped. I clapped when I was really happy.

Serira lightly kissed me on the forehead.

I thought my innocence was gone, but I guessed it was still there. A low beating thrill spread through my blood. I felt a little sweet.

“Now, you have to get ready for the party. His Highness is holding this birthday party just for you, Princess.”


Serira chuckled as I nod my head. I loved her smile too.

I couldn’t walk properly yet, but it was possible to stand. Every time I did something like that, I felt so accomplished.

This was how it feels to grow, huh? It was strange. The days when I was lying on my belly and unable to do anything felt like it was yesterday. However, look at me, I could walk now!

“You’ve grown bigger.”

Uh, this voice?

Looking up, I saw Dranste smiling at me. I usually didn’t like his smug smirking, but for some reason, today… he looked quite handsome.

“It’s your birthday today, right?”


‘I thought you didn’t know, but thanks for remembering my birthday.’

I didn’t expect anything, but I was more than happy to know someone would remember my birthday.

Tsk, I would forgive him for all the flirtings he did for now.

I nodded with a serious face, and he laughed.

‘Why are you laughing? Stop laughing at me!’

“You’re really funny.”

Oh, really!?

He laughed louder when he looked at my face.

Hey, stop making me mad.

I was staring at him with a discontented look, but it didn’t work on him. In the end, Dranste laughed as much as he wanted.

He’s being really cheeky! Here I thought he was being quiet today.

Our eyes met for a moment. I really wanted to pinch that smiling mouth.

Hey, why wasn’t he visiting these days? He used to visit me often when I was younger. Did he get mad because I always scolded him?

“Were you sad that I wasn’t around to hang out with you?”

Not at all.

I pulled his hand out of my head, and I stepped back.

I think it would be better for him to disappear in front of me right now. Why did he keep touching me?

I was wary enough of him, but Dranste lowered his body and had eye contact with me. He then patted me on the head.

Stop touching me, you pervert.

“I had some business to take care of, so I’d like to spend my days with you here if I can.”

You’d like to spend your days…?

I looked at him with a sullen look, and he smiled.

“…But I’m a busy man.”

Oh, was he now?

My face stiffened. Oh, really? Then he could get lost now. I was a busy woman, too. This jerk. How could I be known for mistreating him so well?

What a difficult question.

I shook my head and reached out to Serira next to me, but Dranste held my hand before Serira noticed.

What, why!?

As soon as I looked at him, I caught something hard in my little hand. Huh?

“Take this.”

What was this?

Looking at it out of curiosity, it was a moon-shaped gem.

It’s pretty. Was this obsidian?

I sat straight and looked at the gem closer. Dranste sat in front of me. I looked up at him primly, and he rolled the jewel in my hand.


It turned into different colors when rolling it. Wow, it’s pretty.

“Happy birthday.”



Serira turned her head this way because of the loud noise I unconsciously made.

Uh, uh, what should I do? Ha, haha.

I smiled awkwardly, and Serira smiled back. Serira looked my way for a while. When she found out that nothing was wrong with, she turned her head back.

Phew, that was close. It could have been a disaster.

Was this a brooch?


Dranste, who was watching me playing it answered. I was a little annoyed by his dry reply.

What’s this then?

“Well. I don’t know.”

Did he want me to beat him up? I stared at him, annoyed. He smiled in return.

Oh, it’s so annoying. I wanted to be nice to him, but he always made me mad.

Let’s talk about this when I grew older. I would punch you in the face.

Even though I was seriously threatening him, Dranste just laughed. It was annoying because it seemed like he was holding his laugh.

“Wait, wait! This is it, this.”

What’s that?

With my angry stare, Dranste’s hand turned to my ear with his own gift.

Huh? It’s an earring, but I didn’t have my ears pierced.

“I know.”

You still gave me an earring knowing that? Did he really want a beating from me?

I was really thinking about having a deep external conflict with him, but he smiled. It was his usual terrible smile.

“Here, this is how you put it on.”

What are you doing? Ouch!

At that moment, I felt a prick in my ear. I made a sound and frowned, but I was more surprised because I wasn’t ready for it.

Oh, really, you should have warned me!


However, the moment I raised my head to lash at him, I forgot what I had to do. Because…


He pushed a mirror in front of me.

Oh, he’s smart.