Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 359

Chapter 359: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 359

‘I was thinking of talking to her calmly after locking her in her room, but that’s no longer possible. My anger burns like fire. It’s unforgivable for her to say that she hates me. And now she flees too?’

“Bring her back here!”

The mood was already running at its worst. He felt so furious that he wanted to kill everyone, but unlike other obedient attendants, one person caught his ankle again.

“Your Majesty, you shouldn’t do this.”


Serira cried on her knees.

“Your Majesty, you must not be violent. No matter how angry you are, you must teach her with words. You mustn’t imprison her by force. That is something you shouldn’t do. Please, Your Majesty.”

‘…I knew she was an honest and stubborn woman, but I wasn’t in the mood to forgive this honesty.’

Caitel held back his simmering anger.

“Do you realize who you’re talking to right now?”

It was a kind of warning, but she somewhat freaked out and cried out more.

“Your Majesty. This will only end up hurting everyone involved. You are wise, so you must understand. Please, Your Majesty.”

Her cry was already out of his sight. Caitel was just annoyed that this woman kept holding him back. ‘How dare she block my path.’

‘So, is this all my fault? Even this woman is blaming me in the end?’

“Did you think I’d just forgive you? There’s a limit to how much you can do as you please because of an old debt. Move.”

“But Your Majesty…”

“Get her out of here!”

‘I didn’t want to see that face or hear that voice anymore. Maybe I’ll take out my sword if she keeps staying beside me.’

“But, Your Majesty… You shouldn’t do this…!”

I ordered her to be executed out of pure anger, and I knew I would regret it once I relaxed, but I had to somehow vent out my anger. How dare she.

He went to the drill hall to relieve his stress, but the sword just dangled in his hand, and nothing made him feel better.

Since then, he just walked around the palace once like a hyena, and eventually, he just started reading a book stuck in his bedroom. He felt a little better as he forced himself to read.

He knew she would come to see him.

He ordered to lock the princess in her room, but she still appeared in front of him.