Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 358

Chapter 358: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 358

‘I already witnessed it myself, and I didn’t want to pretend like I didn’t know. If I let her be, she will see those two again. Like how she cared for that woman in the harem, she’ll start caring for those two.’

It was apparent even if he didn’t see it.

‘Because she’s different from me.’

That’s why he didn’t like this. He didn’t want her to do that, and he didn’t want them to see Ria.

“I think I clearly told you not to meet them.”

However, what devastated him more than that was that his daughter seemed to take his warning very lightly.

“It’s not like I was trying to meet him…”

‘I didn’t ask you to make excuses.’

He turned his eyes to the nanny, who was guarding the child. This wasn’t why he had a nanny raise her. As he stared at her with cold eyes, Serira backed off with a pale face.

‘I have the right to be angry.’

‘I should be angry at the nanny who failed to take care of my child properly.’

However, Ria didn’t understand it. That made him even angrier.

Right. It’s not like he wanted her to understand. But… this child kept talking back at him. Perhaps she thought this wasn’t a big deal. The same went for her nanny.

Then he had no choice.

He had to lock her up until those two disappeared.

“What? Are you saying you’re going to imprison me?”

Why was she frowning like that?

The child was rather angry with a crumpled expression as if she heard something she couldn’t understand. He was also starting to get mad at her arrogant attitude.

‘At this point, there is a limit on how much I could tolerate her arrogant attitude. Who does she think I am? Does she realize how lenient I am right now?’

‘When did she grow up to be so rude and impudent? Is she really the same child that used to listen to me before?’

It was annoying.

He didn’t know if it’s normal to feel like this with a child… but he wanted to yell at her to be quiet.

“I hate you, dad! I’m never going to see you again!”

He knew this was not an easy problem to solve, but when he saw the child turn and run away from him, his last string of rationality broke.

‘How dare she flee from me?’