Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 357

Chapter 357: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 357

He didn’t keep Ria close to him just because she’s his daughter. It’s not like he rejected the child just because he’s not his son either.

“He’s your son. No matter what people say, I’m raising him to be your son.”

Why was she so persistent with such a miserable lie? Did she think she would be killed if she admitted the truth?

However, she would still die even if she didn’t admit the truth. It didn’t matter for Caitel even if the child was his son or not. That was Caitel’s life, and he had lived to this day with that belief.

“Deceiving a royalty is a heavy crime.”

“How could I deceive you?”

Still, she was shaking like a delicate flower.

What a joke. The woman just kept her mouth shut upon hearing the Emperor’s ridicule.

“If I had a daughter… then, would you acknowledge her like you’re doing to your daughter now?”

She looked as if she was sad about not receiving his love. He used to know that face. That was the expression on all of the women who wanted him. His mother always looked at his father with that face.

“If that happened…”

‘This is sick and tired.’

“… you would’ve died.”

Even if this woman died, that theoretical daughter would never be treated like his daughter. Ria was the only exception.

‘Anyway, if the boy is definitely not my child, why is she so adamant about that idea? Something doesn’t feel right.’

‘Maybe that’s why I warned her even though I normally wouldn’t care about such a thing.’

‘I felt uneasy. I felt like I was waiting for a fuse to light on a bomb that had yet to explode. I don’t know what it is yet, but I knew it was putting me on edge.’

He didn’t want to care about that mother and son, and he didn’t want his daughter to care about them too. He even asked her not to interact with them, which was so unlike him… and when he saw the two facing each other with his own eyes, he realized why he felt uneasy.

‘I had always protected my daughter inside the palace. She didn’t know what real hostility is like. She doesn’t know hostility masked beneath kindness…’

‘I was the one who let her grow up without learning that. I didn’t want her to know.’

‘I didn’t want to show her a world like that.’

“‘Do you have something to tell me?'”

‘I felt devastated all of a sudden.’

‘Does she even know what’s in my mind right now? ‘