Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 356

Chapter 356: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 356

‘Sometimes, I end up thinking. Would I feel the same, even if I had other children?

‘Would I think the same even if the child I was holding wasn’t mine? I wonder, but it doesn’t matter to me whether I have an answer or not.’

Not long after having those thoughts in his mind… another child appeared.

‘Is fate playing a joke on me?’

It’s funny for him to say that since he had killed all his children before. However, perhaps he needed something to compare.

… To know if he genuinely cared about that child or not.

The boy with silver-ish red hair but closer to just red hair obviously didn’t look like Caitel at all, even at a glance. She brought him as his son, but Caitel wanted to make fun of her. If she hadn’t said that he was his child in front of such an audience, he wouldn’t have bothered.

Of course, he could tell that the boy wasn’t his son as soon as he saw him.

Above all, the fact that he’s younger than Ria was proof. Surprisingly, he hadn’t slept with any woman ever since his daughter started sleeping in his bed.

However, he didn’t reject that boy’s existence because he wanted to confirm something. Of course, he was also curious about what the princess was aiming for by acting out such a blatant lie.

“Zayland, say hello to your father.”

The boy, who came with a woman whom Caitel could barely remember, seemed to be slightly slow to Caitel’s eyes. The child was completely different from his daughter, who’s always curious. The child stuck to his mother, nervously. It wasn’t cute at all to see the boy look like he’s emotionally disturbed.

Sometimes, he wondered where the heck his daughter came from, but this one was somewhat surprising.

‘Something like that is my child?’

The mother’s claim was ridiculous… but it would have been the same even if the boy was actually his child. Ria diluted it, but children would often act that way while facing him.


It was not that strange to see a child crouching in fear in front of him. There were plenty of other children who feared him other than this one.

If someone were to ask him if he thought that it was cute, well…

No, it was just annoying.

Even if the boy was his real son, he wouldn’t acknowledge him. It’s not like he had a specific reason.

‘I just didn’t like him.’