Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 355

Chapter 355: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 355


‘There’s no way she didn’t hear it, but she still greets me with her usual look. The red eyes facing me are so clear. Maybe that’s why I can’t open my mouth easily. I can’t ask her if she saw it.’

“What’s the matter?”

“It’s nothing you should worry about.”

He even got surprised by that cold answer. He didn’t mean to say that, but for a moment, he was embarrassed and shut his mouth, but fortunately, Ria didn’t seem to care much. She just tilted her head in wonder.

“Really? Well, then I worried for nothing.”

He feels relieved at her usual appearance. Then he felt more miserable with that smile.

In the beginning…it was uncomfortable seeing those eyes full of complete trust and endless affection.

‘You don’t know what kind of person I am, and you don’t know if I’ll kill you.

She gives a endless trust to a man who could easily break her by just give some strength in his hands. What a stupid thing to do.

But then when those moments that he wants to destroy something, her small breath calms him down. He didn’t press it on purpose, but it slowly dies down.

“What, were you arguing with your subjects again?”

‘…I’ve been thinking things whenever I see these eyes.’

‘I want to seem like a good person. No, I want to show her only good things. What do I call this feeling? I have no idea what this is. But one thing is for sure. I don’t want to let those eyes see any bloodshed.’

‘”Why, do you want to be a good father in front of your daughter?”‘

‘I can hear a sneer from inside, yet I can’t deny it. Right. I don’t want to betray the trust shining inside those eyes.’

“You were throwing another tantrum again, weren’t you?”

It is funny to see the child nodding like if she know something. Caitel finally let go of his hardened expression. When Caitel finally smiled, Ria approached and held his hands as if she was excited.

He paused since that hand was bloody earlier, Caitel soon found himself melting into the warm warmth of his hand.

“But Daddy, you know…I hope you’ll be a good person to everyone.”

The child looks up with bright eyes.

The pure gaze seems to tighten around his throat.

“Why? Do you feel ashamed if I’m a bad person?”

The child shook her head with a smile when he said a sharp, not sincere words.


The child was so beautifully bright at that moment.

“Because I don’t want to see a person I love being hated.”

‘Her pure smile shines in my heart. I’ve never wanted anything like this before, yet this child makes me want to become a better person. It’s the first time that I’ve wanted to become a good person.’