Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 353

Chapter 353: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 353

He had clearly warned the lord, but when the blade of the sword penetrated his fingers, he had forgotten the warning altogether. Seeing him scream and struggle had made Caitel feel better.

‘But you still have a long way to go.’

He moved the sword as if he were cutting rice-sheaf to cut all the lord’s fingers. Thick blood instantly painted the sword red. The floor was already full of blood puddles, and red blood splashed on Caitel’s clothes and cheeks. The servants, who always had to see such things next to him, quietly turned their eyes. Already in excessive pain, the lord was on the verge of fainting.

‘Does he know that I am cutting them slowly to make it more painful? I don’t know how long I’ve been doing that. However, I did it when I thought about finishing it neatly because there was nothing more I could do to cause him pain.’


His hands faltered at the familiar voice he heard. He was surprised because my hands, which were holding the sword, were weak.

This voice…

No, there was only one person in the world who would call him that way.

“Get out!”

He came to his senses. Caitel didn’t know when he was having fun, but when he came to his senses, he realized what this situation would look like. Fortunately, the servants ran out before Ria entered. She didn’t seem to see this man’s fingers cut off.

Unconsciously pale in complexion, Caitel stood up from his seat. He couldn’t even see the pained man before him anymore.

‘This man is lucky.’

His fingers hadn’t even been cut off yet. Nevertheless, Caitel shook off his sword and finished the deed. No response came thereafter as if the man fainted while struggling with pain. He was still disgusting, but Caitel didn’t want to torture him anymore.

The only thing that came to his mind was that he must erase this scene quickly. It was just a brief moment, but he thought he shouldn’t show what he was doing to his daughter.

Some servants left the room with the fainted lord. They were probably taking him to the palace hospital. The movements of the attendants while cleaning up the mess were consistent. Well, that’s how it should be…

Now that he realized what happened, Caitel’s brain spun.

As it was, Ria had no reason to be here at this time, but just now, the voice he heard was certainly his daughter’s.

‘What was that?’

What made Caitel feel more obnoxious than anything else was…

‘What should I do now?’