Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 352

Chapter 352: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 352

“P-please. Have mercy!”

“Would you rather try it against me?”

‘I don’t plan to show any mercy.’

Caitel looked behind him.

“Hey, someone get me an ax or a sickle now!”

There could be no ax or sickle in the imperial palace. They were presented in front of them as if they had been waiting for them. Caitel threw them right in front of the lord.

“Come on, grab it.”

Looking at the ax and sickle thrown in front of him, he shuddered so much that it’s comparable to his previous state. While watching the scene, Caitel did not even think he was pathetic at all.

“Come on, bring it on.”

“Your Majesty, p-please show mercy…”

The king wasn’t lying when he said ‘bring it on.’ Caitel really meant it, but a man who must have learned the sword by the essential skill of a nobleman would not properly arm himself with his sword in front of his opponent.

It was pathetic.

With a single shot that didn’t even pass properly, Caitel pushed the man right on his knees. He wouldn’t kill him, but he’s not planning to let him leave like this either.

“I thought I was dealing with garbage every month and year, but where does it keep popping out?”

‘I thought I had picked up the trash that I couldn’t recycle and incinerate it before the big trouble, but it keeps coming out even if I keep throwing them out.’

“Isn’t that so interesting?”

There was a 1% chance that if he raised his voice by emphasizing the situation in which he had no choice but to leave the knights behind, he would just think, ‘wow this trash have a bit of gut to say something’ and let him go, but it’s really contemptuous to watch him shiver quietly.

How dare he think he could sleep in peace when he drove innocent knights to death?

Caitel put his foot on the breast of the lord lying on the floor, pushed by his strength. He weighed him down. The lord struggled in agony, but Caitel also stopped that resistance.

‘If you thought it was over with just this, you’re wrong.’

The sword was lightly pushed to the lord’s finger as it touched the floor. Four fingers touched it in a flash.

“Clench your teeth.”

‘I can’t believe we’ve already lost 10 knights because of this man.’

Caitel lost his word after pondering upon this unfairness.

“If you make even the slightest sound, I’ll chop off your fingers one by one.”